Kauai Packing List: For Momma and a Mini Me

Kauai Packing ​list, beach vacation packing

Kauai Packing ​list, beach vacation packingIn just a few days, we will start our journey to Lihue, Kauai for a 5 day vacation with my whole family. I’m so excited to spend some time exploring the little towns, relaxing on the beaches, and just being on island time! So of course I have to share with you all what I’m packing in my bag and what the little one has packed. Not only is my love of lists showing through, but my extreme planning trait is quite evident. As usual, I’m trying not to overpack and have a bunch of extra things- Lucy has a few more extra outfits than I do but I figured, well, toddlers! As for activities, I am planning for mostly outdoor exploring in warm, humid weather. There are amazing hikes in the area, but I’m not expecting too intense of situations since there will be multiple little ones tagging along! My KEDS or Teva sandals will do just fine.

What I’m most excited about for this trip (other than spending time with family) is watching Lucy experience a warm beach. We’ve been to the Oregon coast which was super fun but cold! She was one and a half and couldn’t stop eating the sand- it was hilarious! I’m sure she will love playing in the sand again, but hopefully her tastebuds will have evolved over the past few years. I also can’t wait to eat authentic Hawaiian shaved ice, go tidepooling, and watch the sunrise on the beach. Ahhhhh, I’m relaxing already!

What’s in my suitcase for Kauai:

Madewell jean shorts (secondhand via eBay)
Athleta cargo pants (secondhand via thredup)
Ace & Jig Twine Ramona skirt (secondhand via Instagram)
Ace & Jig Starboard Rooney dress
Ace & Jig Hope Chelsea dress (not pictured)
Ace & Jig Parachute Harper dress (the perfect coverup!)
gray tee
blue and white striped tee shirt
ulla johnson pink shirt (secondhand via thredup)
white love sam lace top (secondhand via thredup)
black off the shoulder tee (secondhand via in person clothing swap)
j.crew navy one piece swimsuit (new with tags via thredup)
tommy bahama rashguard (secondhand via thredup)
water shorts
pj’s (not pictured)
baseball hat
anthropologie scarves
lole bomber for traveling (secondhand via Poshmark)
Not shown: sunscreen, toiletries, undergarments

What’s in the Toddler’s Suitcase for Kauai:

5 bottom (shorts, skorts)
4 tee shirts
3 dresses
birk style sandals
3 swimsuits with rashguards
pool floaties and pool toys

Kauai Packing ​list, beach vacation packingKauai Packing ​list, beach vacation packing, eddie bauer suitcase, lole lily bagKauai Packing ​list, beach vacation packing, eddie bauer suitcase, lole lily bagKauai Packing ​list, beach vacation packing, eddie bauer suitcase Travel Outfit:

Kauai Packing ​list, beach vacation packing, athleta cargo pant, lole lily bag, travel outfit, rifle paper keds, lole bomber jacket

Have you been to Kauai? If so, leave some recommendations for things to do and places to eat in the comments- I’d love suggestions!

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Does Natural Deodorant Really Work? An Earth Mama Organics Review

Earth mama organics, natural deodorant, natural body productsI’m not going to lie, I’ve had some really bad experiences with natural deodorants in the past. I’ve also had this idea in the back of my mind that if something is natural, it must not work as well. That thinking paired with the bad experiences, I was pretty used to grabbing a maximum strength sports bar filled with unnatural ingredients. But, like I’ve said here on the blog, I am on a mission to minimize as many chemicals as possible that I put in and on my body and use in our house. With that in mind, I’ve been trying my hand again at using natural deodorants.

Earth Mama Organics is a brand started by Melinda Olson, a nurse and mother. You may have heard of the company through their selection of safe herbal teas tailored to pregnacy, which are all wonderful! Earth Mama’s core beliefs are: Do No Harm, Nature is Our Pharmacy, Education Empowers, Honor the Body’s Ingenuity, Mamas Need One Another- read about them here!

Earth Mama Organics was so nice to send me their mini deodorant 4 pack to sample, but all opinions are my own! This post does include affiliate links so I may make a small percentage of the sales made. Here is my honest experience.
Earth Mama Mini Deodorant 4-pack
The mini pack came with three different scents and one unscented version. I wore them about my usual day and went to the gym 4 times during my “testing” period.

Simply Non-Scents: I was very amazed that something with no scent could mask any stinkiness, but it did! I wore this on a day that I didn’t go to the gym but I was walking around outside, went to church and was out and about and didn’t have any issues.

Ginger Fresh: Gym tested- I did reapply after the gym and I felt like it masked any stinkiness I did have from a workout very well!

Bright Citrus: Same as the ginger fresh, I tested this with a gym trip and reapplied after. It worked just as well as the Ginger Fresh did for me.

Calming Lavender: I wore this throughout a work day so was mainly at my desk but I felt like it was plenty of coverage for that type of activity (which for the majority is everyday, am I right?) But it also was good for a treadmill workout!

Favorite Earth Mama Organics Natural Deodorant Scent?

Earth mama organics, natural deodorant, natural body productsI am leaning towards the Bright Citrus! It was very energizing in the mornings and made me want to workout when I put it on. Any motivation I can get, people!

Want to give it a try? Get 20% off with code NewmansNest through March 31st on individual, regular priced items!

What I Really Like About Earth Mama’s Natural Deodorant

-Applies creamy but dries nicely unlike other natural versions which stay wet and sticky feeling (at least in my experience)

-Scents were strong but not overpowering; even after a sweat test I could vaguely smell the scent

-Safe for breastfeeding, pregnacy, and sensitive skin

-Still allows for the body to do what it’s supposed to, like, SWEAT! But why not smell good while you’re doing it?

-Mini sizes are perfect for my gym bag

-Ingredients are all things I understand

Overall, I really like Earth Mama Organics deodorant. And I mean really. Now I’m eyeing their reef friendly sunscreen for an upcoming beach vacation!

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How to Always Look Pulled Together: Rule of Three Style Rule

Chateau des Fleurs, rule of thirds style, ace & jig, ace and jig laurel, Anthropologie silk scarfChateau des Fleurs, rule of thirds style, ace & jig, ace and jig laurel, Anthropologie silk scarf

*Photos taken at the gorgeous Chateau des Fleurs, a beautiful event venue in Eagle, Idaho.

I recently was given one of the best compliments ever.“You always look so put together!”

WOW- if only you all knew! But in all seriousness, it’s taken me years to feel like I have a minimal wardrobe that all works together yet feels interesting when I make outfits. Interesting, I mean, by added textures and different shapes of garments- I’m not your tee shirt and yoga pants kinda girl! Not saying there is anything wrong with that but I don’t feel comfortable in an outfit until it has multiple layers and textures. Even in the heat of Summer, I will most likely be wearing a topper layer of some sort! It may have been my past work experience in the fashion industry or just simply my love of diverse textiles, but I will tell you this- I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the “Rule of Threes”.

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