How to Always Look Pulled Together: Rule of Three Style Rule

Chateau des Fleurs, rule of thirds style, ace & jig, ace and jig laurel, Anthropologie silk scarfChateau des Fleurs, rule of thirds style, ace & jig, ace and jig laurel, Anthropologie silk scarf

*Photos taken at the gorgeous Chateau des Fleurs, a beautiful event venue in Eagle, Idaho.

I recently was given one of the best compliments ever.“You always look so put together!”

WOW- if only you all knew! But in all seriousness, it’s taken me years to feel like I have a minimal wardrobe that all works together yet feels interesting when I make outfits. Interesting, I mean, by added textures and different shapes of garments- I’m not your tee shirt and yoga pants kinda girl! Not saying there is anything wrong with that but I don’t feel comfortable in an outfit until it has multiple layers and textures. Even in the heat of Summer, I will most likely be wearing a topper layer of some sort! It may have been my past work experience in the fashion industry or just simply my love of diverse textiles, but I will tell you this- I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the “Rule of Threes”.

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Simplify Your Life by Using a Planner

Happy planner, MAMBI, simplify your life using a planner, simplify, memory journalI am a list writer. Not just for the day, but I’ll write lists of any and everything. I like to list out what I’m thankful for. I like to list out tasks I do automatically in my routines just so I have something to cross off. I like to list out ideas I have. I like to list out outfits I’m loving. I like to make packing lists. I like to list recipes or meal plans. You get the picture! While it may seem excessive, one thing about making lists is even if I don’t get to everything on the list at once, my days are more productive.

Happy planner, MAMBI, simplify your life using a planner, simplify, memory journal

Instead of having a billion loose pieces of papers with lists on them, I have a designated planner that I write all the things down in. When researching planners, I went between an Erin Condren Life Planner and The Happy Planner, and ultimately went with The Happy Planner, mainly due to cost and customization. The Happy Planner is disc bound, meaning I can add/take out pages very quickly and easily. This was important to me so that I could insert blank pages in to fill with whatever is on my mind! I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of stickers, designing artsy page layouts, and planner accessories (trying to practice minimalism in this area!) as there are so many cute things to do with the empty calendar spreads. If I keep up the planner useage, I will probably go with an Erin Condren for next year- I just had a hard time with cost this first go around!

Happy planner, MAMBI, simplify your life using a planner, simplify, memory journal

For me, a planner is about being goal oriented and feeling like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day. Even if it’s just making my bed, at least it’s something! But in all seriousness, I’ve truly have become a much more productive person by using a planner. I’ve also become a less anxiety ridden one, since I feel more in control. When I jot down little notes, I don’t feel like I have to remember so much – it’s all in my “control center”!

Happy planner, MAMBI, simplify your life using a planner, simplify, memory journal

Why using a planner is simplifying my life:

1. Helps to Clear Clutter: I have one central place for notes, plans, tasks, etc. No need to look through multiple pages, notebooks, or phone notes!

2. Manages Time: Seeing how many things there is to do throughout the day means the mindless scrolling will be on the backburner (for the majority!) It’s amazing to look back and see everything I really can accomplish when I’m focused on the task at hand and not getting side tracked.

3. Maximizes Productivity: This may be self explanatory, but it’s serious business that when a list is made, I love to be able to cross items off. Just for that fact alone, I get more done!

4. Builds a Tech-Free Zone: There’s nothing wrong with the phone calendar (I use it in conjunction with my planner) but I don’t think it should be the primary planning mode (for me!). It’s too easy to go down the rabbit hole of scrolling the second that phone screen lights up.

5. Creates Healthy Habits: Scheduling in habits I’m trying to create is a great way to help them become routine.

My planner is not just a productivity tool but also a fun way to journal the daily tasks. As we begin the second month of the new year, I’m enjoying looking back through the beginning of 2019 and seeing what my days have been filled with. It may not sound like much, but I wanted to post at least once a week to the blog (I’m realizing one quality post is better than a few mediocre posts) and guess what? I’ve been doing that this month! Woohoo! I attribute alot of that to my planner and it’s help in keeping me organized, focused, and motivated!

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Local Love: Camille Beckman

Ever since having a baby, I have focused on bringing more wholesome ingredients into our home. Whether it’s what we are putting into our body, onto our body, or cleaning the home with, I feel a more natural approach is best. So when I heard Camille Beckman doesn’t use any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum by-products, PEGs, TEA, DEA, mineral oil, harsh detergents or artificial colors in their products, I was very anxious to give them a try!

Not only do they smell heavenly, but I’ve also been loving the feel of the products on my skin. The most used ingredients in the products are glycerin, aloe leaf juice, and herbal extracts- just pure wholesomeness right there! Some of my favorite scents are the blackberry lavender (sweet, fruity and a little earthy), and the black amber orchid (a sensual, musky scent). You can read more about the product ingredients here.

Susan Camille Beckman Roghani has humble roots in a small town of Weiser, Idaho where she learned about soap making as a young girl. Years later, she has flourished with a ‘Green Factory’ in Eagle, Idaho and a foundation that continues philanthropic efforts around the world to help women, children, and the elderly. Read all about the company here.

Now that’s a true success story right in our backyard. I love supporting local companies that give so much back! Camille Beckman, Idaho products, buy local, natural skincare, body products Hand & Body Cleansing Gel |Fragrant Body Spray | Silken Body Cream (all c/o Camille Beckman)
Camille Beckman, Idaho products, buy local, natural skincare, body productsCamille Beckman, Idaho products, buy local, natural skincare, body products

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