2 months

Happy Two Months, Lucy Boo!  
Weight: 11 lbs 5.7 ounces
Height: 22.5″
The last month has shown a far more content baby than month one. We found out Lucy has a dairy and soy allergy and within the last three weeks she has turned into a different baby! She falls asleep (and stays sleeping!) much more easily and she is actually content when awake (she used to constantly fuss). Having a content baby and one that naps is an amazing thing- people always said newborns slept all the time but pre-no dairy and soy, Lucy was an exception to the rule. We thought Lucy was just a high maintenance, needy baby but the poor thing wasn’t feeling top notch! I’m so happy we found out what was upsetting her and causing all the discomfort.

Lucy loves to be in her wrap, looking at windows and kicking her little feet. She also has recently started enjoying bath time, but only if mom is in the tub with her. Smiles and coos are now a daily occurrence, but getting a smile still feels like you won a million bucks.  



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  1. Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful baby! So SWEET! Wondering how hubby is doing after surgery……… we surely do think of you and wish him quick healing. Love, Doug and Karen

  2. Awww Lucy!!! You’re growing too fast and I still haven’t had time to come over. July will be different with Cori & Chloe gone to Hawaii. Glad you are feeling better and mommy is getting sleep!!!

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