The Struggle with Minimalism: Clothing Edition

A few years ago, I came across author Jennifer L Scott and was completely hooked on the idea of living a luxurious life with less.  Why settle for multiple mediocre things when you could have one great thing that you love?  

After reading about Scott’s Ten Item Wardrobe, I was hooked on the idea.  I pared down the closet and was only buying things I needed and that worked with other things I had.

Starting my job at Anthropologie a year and a half ago got me a little derailed from this mindset.  I was constantly seeing the new items and even if I didn’t have anything to go with it, I HAD to make a purchase.  The discount was just too good- I didn’t want to waste it!  Chase and I jokingly would say, “Well… I don’t want to LOSE money!” (If you haven’t watched Jim Gaffigan’s skit on sales, you must!) 

Anyways, as I now have my pre-pregnancy body back and feel like I can shop again, I find myself wanting to fall back in the rut of giving in to every great thing that comes in the store.  But what has really helped me is that I tell myself I can only buy something if I am replacing something else in my closet- for example, I had some jeans that were not the best fit anymore (low rise after having a baby is just awful) so I sold them online in order to buy a new pair (these ones with a higher rise, thankfully- and they are so comfortable, I don’t ever want to take them off!)  Selling these items means I can replace without going into debt and it has become quite a fun little past time to be an online shop owner!  See my Poshmark closet here

My main goal is to combat clutter but also to have the mindset that living with less is best.  I want Lucy to learn that instant gratification isn’t a good rule to live by.  I’m not saying I am against shopping (I work in retail, after all!) but I am saying to put thought into each purchase- and go with quality over quality!  After all, three H&M or Forever 21 blouses is the same price as one great Anthro top!  

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