Beginning Camping Season at Sheep Creek

Our annual fishing excursion to the Duck Valley Indian Reservoir signals a sort of waking from a winter long hibernation of outdoor activity.  It marks the first camping trip of the season, and definitely not the last.  This year was all the same as the past and also quite a bit different, with a baby in tow.  Especially with a baby who just wanted to get down in the dirt and stuff handfuls of rocks into her mouth.  What stayed the same, is that it gets cold and WINDY.  It’s also proven that the fishing can be really good (unfortunately Chase and I didn’t have the greatest of luck in this catergory this year).  Starting our camping season at Sheep Creek, in my opinion, is the best way to begin.  If it is possible to weather the storms and winds of Sheep Creek, any other outdoor adventure will be a breeze in the following warmer months!  

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