2018: #DailyMommaJoys

As any other first of January, I feel the need to set a personal goal to strive for throughout the New Year. 2017 brought changes and growth for our little family, but I know I have so much to learn to better my place as a wife and mother.

One of the downfalls that stunted growth in my roles in the last year was negativity. As a momma, it’s so easy to get caught up in the perceived expectations of the role and I often found myself feeling lacking and unable to “do it all”. If only I would I have realized earlier that just my best will do plenty good!

So this year I am choosing joy. I’m choosing to focus on the good (because I have SO MUCH goodness in my life, and I’m very thankful for it!) And even though I’m not only identified through motherhood, it has changed every aspect of my life, all for good. So I’m thankful for the role of a mother and how it can bring joy to the every day for me, for my little one, and for every mother. The little details are what make a beautiful picture- it’s the little things in the every day that bring so much joy!

Today, we spent time as a family just running errands but it was so nice. The pet store brought lots of giggles from the little one, the craziness of Dillard’s big New Years Day sale made me realize I have everything I need already and I’d rather spend money on a cup of coffee, and then watching Lucy play with her new toys at home brought lots of giggles again but from me this time. Simply put, today was a day filled with little joys.

To keep me focused on positivity, I’m going to post a picture (or attempt to, anyways) on Instagram each day to celebrate the little things in my life using the #DailyMommaJoys. You’re welcome to follow along!

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