3 Months

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I honestly don’t know where the has gone, but three months ago yesterday, Lucy was born.  I feel like one of those old people saying how quickly time flies- there’s nothing like a baby to make you realize it for yourself, though!

As of late, she is trying oh so hard to sit up and can do it with some assistance.  Also, she has given a few good weeks of waking either once to eat at night or (wait for it) one time of not waking at all!  Boy that sure is a game changer.

We have started the teething process I do believe, as Lucy loves to gnaw on anything she can get her hands on- usually her clothes, her hands, or whoever’s hands she can reach. But never a teething toy!  So bibs are our best friend these days- at least it gives her something else to chew on!  I have loved the Little Unicorn bamboo bibs, some Aden & Anais bibs, an Oliver & Lucy bib and a Witt’s End bib.  And how cute are the bandana style bibs that are popular now?  This one by Honest is so cute!  Below Lucy is wearing a Milkbarn Kids bib.

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