5 Things

For your weekend reading & viewing, here are 5 things that I’ve enjoyed this week:

1. Reading book no. 3 of The Flower Shop Mystery series by Kate Collins; they are easy to read, light and fun. Perfect “me time” reads during nap time.

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2. Researching Toyota FJ60’s. I have always been an old car lover, so it doesn’t surprise me that this one on Craigslist has become my new dream car. I prefer the 80’s models but it’s still older then I am so it’s alright.

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3. Viewing Ace and Jig styling online- I can’t get over how unexpected their layering is. I loved reading about Cary, one half of the pair behind the brand on Mother Mag.

4. Watching duckling videos on YouTube with Lou- she’s obsessed with any baby animal but ducklings are at the top of the list (for her and me both).

5. Listening to Andrew Belle on Pandora. His music is so relaxing to me yet also keeps me motivated when I’m working on something. A good combo indeed!

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