500 Calories no.3

Today on MSN’s homepage was a link to Natural Health Magazine’s article titled “10 Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick” by Gene Stone.  Guess what one of the secrets is?  Detox regularly!

Digestive issues, fatigue, breakouts or muscle pain are often signs that you could benefit from a detox program, most of which require you to limit meats and avoid wheat, sugar, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. – Gene Stone



Isn’t that interesting?  That just adds one more reason to why I continue to detox once a week.  Today’s menu looks like this:


cottage cheese (1/2 cup, 110 calories)


chocolate protein smoothie (I use Usana Chocolate Nutrimeal but limit to only 1 scoop instead of the actual serving size of 3 scoops) with raw cacao powder and spinach (120 calories)


whole apple (75 calories)


spinach salad with avocado, carrots, pickled asparagus, parmesan cheese, and white balsamic vinegar as dressing (2 cups, 200 calories)

Total: 505 calories

Would you try a 500 detox day if it meant not getting sick?  I would love to know!

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