A Morning in Nampa

 This morning we made a quick trip over to Nampa to… (drumroll please) pick up the dresser for the nursery!!  I found one on Craigslist that I loved but it needed to be refinished and who has time for that?  I brought it to Mustard Seed Home Decor and they did all the work for us.  And it only took them a few days- I was amazed!  I still have a few final touches to make before showing the final product (mainly the knobs) so stay tuned.

Before picking up the dresser, we had to try out a new restaurant since we were over in Nampa.  For breakfast, we always love the good old-timey cafes also known as “greasy spoons”.  We decided to try LeBaron’s Cafe and let me tell you, it was good.  And cheap.  What’s not to love?  Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t spend a pretty penny on good food- but when it happens to be less than expensive, you gotta be excited, right? 

le baron's cafe, nampa, idaho, restaurant, le baron's honker cafe    
le baron's cafe, nampa, idaho, restaurant Have a great weekend! 


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