A Nest Update: May ’17

We are just getting back from a trip to Branson, MO where we spent some quality family time with my side.  It was special to see my parents, grandparents, siblings and nephews.  Lucy Was much more steady in her walking on the trip which was fun for the fam to see!  

With that all being said, I really am anxious to update you all on what is going on in our nest.  

1. Today we are beginning Whole 30.  For those of you who haven’t heard of this trendy way of eating, it is like paleo but cutting out ALL added sugars.  Ever since having Lucy, I have had stomach issues which I thought was the dairy like she was sensitive.  But still it seemed like after every meal I eat, I get a terrible pain above my belly button, so bad that I usually wish I just wouldn’t have eaten at all!  I’m excited to see if Whole 30 can shed some light on what is triggering my pain.  If I have any favorite recipes, I will surely share them! 

2.  Decluttering has become a daily task.  I have been on a mission to rid our lives of clutter ever since watching Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things early this year.  But now the decluttering has picked up steam and no closet, cupboard or drawer will come out unscathed.  Also, no item that doesn’t get used will stay put.  Clear it OUT! 

3.  On a similar note as the decluttering, I’m focusing on my wellbeing by being conscious of what I subject my time and mind to.  I’m focusing on health over wealth and experiences over things.  One of the main ways in decluttering my mind and time is by unfollowing companies or people on social media channels that don’t bring value to me.  I’m also unsubscribing from email lists so that I spend less time deleting the emails I do get.  

Is minimalism a lifestyle that resonates with anyone else?  I would love to hear if you guys would be interested in more posts on the subject! 

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