A New Favorite

I have finally found it!

I have found the perfect coffee shop that makes a wonderful cappuccino, and the most beautiful and tasty pastries.

It’s called Janjou Patisserie, located at 1754 W State St, Boise.

Correction- I would have never found this awesome place because it is a hidden gem, but thanks to my friend, Kim, for showing me!

I tried two different macarons- a coffee and a raspberry. Both were yummy!

Boise is full of local, trendy coffee shops (we love our coffee here!) so we frequent many, but isn’t it nice to find a ‘favorite’ once in a while? A place where you want to go even just to sit and soak in the atmosphere? Come on, I can’t be the only one, right??

I will definitely be going back to Janjou- and the hubby wants to come along with next time- he heard about this place and his first question was, “What did you bring me?!” Haha!


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