Art Museum

I love art museums. Their plain white walls, concrete floor, and industrial lighting are the epitome of the minimalism that I am trying oh so hard to achieve. Even though Boise is a small city, the art museum always has great exhibits.

Today, while I had a few hours between classes and a meeting (and since it’s the first week of class, so I’m not bogged down with studying), I went to the BAM. All by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite independent- I do a lot of things on my own- but going to a museum? That was a first! It was actually quite rewarding.
Directly behind the BAM is the Julia Davis Rose Gardens. I couldn’t help myself from wondering through since fall is almost here!
Those few hours were so refreshing- I thoroughly enjoyed my solo art museum endeavor- is that nerdy?

What’s your favorite museum?




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