Biopsy Results


Yesterday we got some good news!  The tumor Chase has is a subependymoma- and while it technically is cancerous, the cells are extremely slow growing and won’t even respond to radiation and chemotherapy.  But, if left alone, the tumor will someday cause paralysis to Chase’s lower limbs.  So that means removal by surgery is the main option- it’s kind of nice to have our options narrowed down for us!  

The main question we are trying to answer is when the next surgery will be.  Chase will be finished with school at the end of next month and with the baby coming then as well, we are thinking the surgery will be shortly after that.  The sooner we do it to when baby girl is a newborn the better- life will only get more hectic! 

It’s been refreshing to see the silver lining in all of this- we are so thankful for the best case scenario!  

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