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Blogs and websites are such a way of life these days- it’s pretty normal for everyone to have their own webpage, and I want you to know you can TOO!  I will share a little bit about my start with the technical side of blogging so you get a feel for how easy it really is to set up your next business venture or just a personal blog.  But if this all sounds too time consuming or confusing, I would love to set everything up for you- please feel free to reach out to me at newmansnest (at) gmail (dot) com for pricing info!

I have been blogging for over five years now, and I started with Blogger.  I wasn’t super impressed with the backend, as it wasn’t as professional as WordPress (I had started using WordPress for my job at the time so had gotten used to it) so I made the move.  I had my own domain but had a WordPress hosted site- that is the difference between WordPress.COM (free hosting) and WordPress.ORG (hosting purchased on your own).  After a year or so, I wanted to grow my blog and monetize it.  On, the options are limited for making money on a blog- so I decided to switch to a self hosted site.  Here are the steps to take in order to monetize a blog:

1. Domain and Hosting
2. Install WordPress
3. Install a Theme

1. Domain and Hosting
I bought a domain through GoDaddy when I was still hosting on, but the easiest way to purchase a domain is to bundle it with the hosting. Bluehost is great for bundling domains and hosting- that is who I use for my hosting and in the few years I have used them I haven’t had any issues at all.

2. Install WordPress

If you host with BlueHost, they have an option to download and install WordPress with easy to follow instructions.

3. Installing Themes

-Purchase a theme you like, and then download it to your computer.

-Once in WordPress, you will go to Appearance -> Themes.

-At the top of the page it will have a button that says “Add New”.

-At the top of the next screen it will say “Upload New”.

-Click and upload the theme from wherever you downloaded it to.

-Once it is uploaded, you will click the button to Install it!

As for design, I love the look of Angie Makes themes for a feminine and modern look.  For other designs (or maybe some more budget friendly options) I love to look at Creative Market.  They also have some Blogger themes, if you aren’t going the self-hosted route.  All for very reasonable prices and seriously good design!


Once you are all installed and ready to post, I use VigLink to monetize my posts!


**This page contains affiliate links and I will make a portion of the sales made through the links.  I appreciate your support of my blog!**


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