Simple Joys: (first impressions of Blok & Co.)

Coming home from traveling always seems to nurture a sense of let down and even more wanderlust for me. But I’m reminded, what about the every day adventures? This is a way of thinking I’ve been trying to embrace more and more in my recent days. Every situation can become an adventure when we make a point to try something new, be more present, and take part in simple joys. 

My simple joys are: 

– a slow and quiet morning

– enjoying a hot cup of good coffee

– going for a walk

– trying a new restaurant

– reading a book 

– wearing my favorite clothes (which is everyday thanks to a pared down wardrobe!)

So with this mindset in action Lucy and I stopped by Blok & Co, a new coffee shop, on our morning errands run yesterday. Not only was the coffee seriously good, the interior was gorgeous and so inspiring for my design soul. The style was earthy and minimal, which I’m always a fan of. Even Lucy had an enriching time, as two little girls at a nearby table came over to play.   One of the sweet girls pointed out that Lucy and I had “matching shoes” on- guilty! 

The simple joy of a good cup of coffee in a beautiful setting was the perfect reminder for me to enjoy the little everyday moments.  

Blok & Co

1800 N Locust Grove Rd

Meridian, Id 83646


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The Springs in Idaho City

The Springs in Idaho City take the term “hot tubbing” to a whole new level.  Nestled in the pine trees of Idaho City, the natural hot spring fed pools are a completely rejuvenating experience.  Chase and I headed North a few weekends ago to the mountains for a relaxing date night to celebrate our birthdays together, and the beautiful scenery paired with the luxurious pools were just the right combination we were looking for!  

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Friday Musings

Friday’s don’t quite have the same feeling now in parenthood- the weekend is still a labor of love to keep a tiny human happy and functioning.  But this Friday, I’m excited.  Excited for the weekend because we have a little overlanding day trip planned tomorrow in the Cement Runner and we’re meeting friends for dinner tonight at a food truck rally (my favorite!).  And also because I’m starting the day with cuddles from my baby, quiet time, and coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee! 

So with that excitement, I have some other news that made my heart happy- our little blog was featured on BuzzBuzzHome’s website in an article about Nursery Decor!  I can’t believe I didn’t notice it sooner, as the article was written in January- eep!

Some other fun things on the horizon:

Time with extended family

Shakespeare Festival

Fall Capsule Wardrobe planning (yes, that’s exciting to me!) – I’m getting Lucy’s wardrobe on board this next season as well, so be ready for a post on a toddler’s fall capsule!  I’m just sick of her stuffed dresser drawers and closet- her wardrobe definitely needs streamlining.  


…and to top it off, I think I’m going to make an Anthropologie run today to order my birthday present!  Then reward Lucy with pool time.  Fri-Yay! 

I hope everyone else’s Friday and weekend is as amazing (or even more amazing?  Your call!) 

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