Weekly Review

Here are a few things that I have enjoyed this week:


photo via At Home Blog

Joanna Gaines wrote “A Letter to Moms” around Mother’s Day last year that still resonates with me.  Even if you’re not a mom, I think it is a great article to understand what the mothers before us have dealt with and gone through.  So encouraging!

This was my second week at work and Monday night was an event hosted by the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau which meant last week was a whirl wind of designing material.  The Idaho Statesman wrote a really nice article on the event here.  


photo via Living on One

Watching this put my life in perspective for me.  Living less materialistically will help me to realize all that I do have!  I do notice that when I am thankful for what I have and am not dwelling on the things I don’t, I am much more content.  Definitely an interesting film!


Chase and I got to sneak in a little coffee date yesterday just the two of us!  Those little moments are few and far between so it was a nice little treat.  

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Greenhouse Shenanigans

Sometimes, at the end of winter, I like to go to my favorite greenhouses just purely for therapeutic effects.  But this trip yesterday was actually for work purposes- how cool is that?!

When shopping for greens, I go to my two favorite local shops.  One being Edwards Greenhouse, where we went yesterday, and the other being 36th Street Garden Center.  The jungle-like atmosphere is good for the soul, not to mention the hair and skin!  I also greatly appreciate the merchandising of both shops- everything is just so pretty and placed thoughtfully!  The experience of purchasing is half as fun as planting and enjoying the foliage later on.

While perusing Edwards, we captured some great Instagram moments.  Keep watching the store account for them here!

And how fitting is it that I would be wearing the newest addition to my wardrobe, the green camo moto jacket by Marrakech to the greenhouse?!  Shop the jacket here.

marrakech moto jacket, anthropologie, anthropologie jacket, faravel moto jacket, camo jacket, silk scarf

edwards greenhouse, boise greenhouse


edwards greenhouse, boise greenhouse

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Festival Of Trees

One of my favorite Holiday traditions is after our big meal on Thanksgiving Day, we head downtown and look at all the decorated trees and wreaths at the Festival of Trees.  It was so fun to bring Lucy this year!  She couldn’t seem to take it all in fast enough- her little head was just swiveling so fast! Hah!  There were also some balloons around that she was mesmerized by- too cute! Festival of trees, boise, Holidays in BoiseFestival of trees, boise, Holidays in BoiseFestival of trees, boise, Holidays in BoiseFestival of trees, boise, Holidays in BoiseFestival of trees, boise, Holidays in BoiseFestival of trees, boise, Holidays in Boise

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