Favorite Journals and Planners (+thoughts on Bullet Journaling)

bullet journaling with spiral bound lined paper

Bullet Journaling is a trend I’ve been very intrigued by lately, as I’m sick of carrying around multiple notebooks everywhere (a planner and a journal) to fill my needs of planning, note taking, and list making. And is it just me or is productivity positively linked to writing tasks down and crossing them off? I like my planner to have a daily view over what’s going on- but I don’t like that I’m limited to the little printed boxes, and I need a journal to write down thoughts, blog ideas, lists, inspiration, etc. I’m always working on simplifying my life so why not simplify my notebook situation? Yes, I do realize “there’s an app for that” but I just love all things paper too much to go completely digital.

So, bullet journaling seems pretty perfect for me. It is a notebook system, usually in a grid notebook, where you layout yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily tasks in page spreads. Spreads can include tasks and trackers to help complete goals. But my favorite part is that it can be laid out as simply as possible or as in depth as you want. I can include journaling pages, inspirational collage pages, or whatever my little heart desires in a planner. It is part scrapbook, part journal, part planner, and part notebook! For me, that is- someone else’s “bu-jo” may look completely different.
The usual notebook to use is a Leuchtturm1917, which is a dot grid, thread bound notebook. My current choice of a lined, spiral bound notebook was because I want to use what I have before purchasing anything else, and to see if I actually DO love the system. Also, I love spiral bound notebooks, so that limits the usual bu-jo options. I did find some fun ones with spirals that are completely customizable from Minted (no dot grid paper but their graph option would work nicely) and Erin Condren (dot grid paper is an option, as well as changing the metal color of the spiral, covers, and adding tons of fun accessories) But like I mentioned, I am not allowing myself to buy a new notebook until I use the ones I have! (But one of these may make it onto my Christmas list, just saying!)

For those of you who prefer to have a planner already laid out but like the idea of extra note pages and pops of fun inspirational images here and there, the day dreamer planner by thimblepress (below) is such a fun option!
Do any of you have a bullet journal? Do you have tips or thoughts for me?

personalized journals and notebooks from minted1. aperture notes notebook

2. dainty notebook

3. abstract watercolor notebook

bullet journal erin condren personalized dot grid spiral bound notebooks

1. Marquee Notebook

2. Watercolor Floral Notebook

3. Floral Heart Gold Metallic Notebook

4. Metallic Shibori Notebook


thimblepress planner the day dreamer

the day dreamer

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Antler & Yarn Wall Hanging

Antler art, antler wall hanging, wall hanging, yarn wall hanging, DIY, modern wall hangingLast week, we had some very special company Thursday and Friday night.  I have been wanting to spruce up the guest bedroom but just haven’t had the time/energy/funds, so while we had a snow day last week I shopped around the house for some craft supplies to make a wall hanging!  Pinterest has loads of inspiration for wall hangings and honestly I was shocked at how quick and easy this project was!  It may not be one of the fancy woven yarn wall hangings that I have been drooling over but I love the outcome and it was so simple and quick.  The project took about 10 minutes to get all my supplies ready, 10 minutes to actually loop the thread, and another 10 for Chase to drill a hole and hang the antler.  The best 30 minutes ever!  Lucy had fun “helping” me by going through my yarn box and grabbing for the scissors every 10 seconds (it probably would have only taken me 5 minutes to loop the yarn if I didn’t have to swat an infant’s hand away so often!)  

All I did for this fun and modern wall art was cut yarn pieces double the length I wanted them to hang (so I could loop them) and then I brought the loop over and under to tie them in place.  I added a braided piece of yarn and a tassel to give more depth and interest.  To finish, I trimmed all the ends to match and had the hubby drill a hole in the back of the antler to secure a nail in so we could hang it!  How simple?! Antler art, antler wall hanging, wall hanging, yarn wall hanging, DIY, modern wall hangingAntler art, antler wall hanging, wall hanging, yarn wall hanging, DIY, modern wall hanging

Guest Bedroom after: 

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Himmeli Mobile 

hemmeli mobile, Nursery DIY, modern nursery

Hemmeli, geometric shape mobile, modern mobile, DIY mobile, nursery DIY
I have another overdue nursery DIY that I wanted to post way back when I was actually making the project, but then slacked.  The hemmeli mobile that I made happens to be my favorite little accessory in the nursery- I feel like it adds the perfect modern touch and it was pretty easy to make once I got the hang of himmeli!   After getting asked how I did it, I realized I should just post about it now, so here it goes.

I tried to follow this tutorial as close as possible but ended up making my own shapes which gave it an overall different design.  I also had to look up some other tutorial just to read how they were doing it as I had failed a few times before having success.


Plastic Straws 

Thick Thread

Lacing Needle

Gold spray paint
Hemmeli, geometric shape mobile, modern mobile, DIY mobile, nursery DIYHemmeli, geometric shape mobile, modern mobile, DIY mobile, nursery DIYI used thick embroidery thread with a big needle to thread the straws, and made 1 big square with 4 smaller squares to hang from the big one.  Then I made a smaller gem shape for the bottom piece.

The key that I learned was to not cut the thread off right where you knot it (this may be common sense for some but I had to learn the hard way)- just thread the excess inch or so into the straw and no one will see it!  The problem with cutting too close is that it would make my knots fall out and then the whole shape would fall apart.  After this happened a few times (and wasted about 20 minutes each time) I was fed up, ready to quit, and decided to try leaving excess on my last attempt.  It worked!

After the shapes were all tied, we spray painted the mobile gold.  This made it look like I actually used copper tubing which was the look I wanted, YAY!  To hang, Chase tied clear fishing line to the top shape and attached the line to a hook he had inserted into the ceiling.

Hemmeli, geometric shape mobile, modern mobile, DIY mobile, nursery DIY
The neat thing about hemmeli is that it can be done in so many different designs and projects.  You could make a large, single shape to have sitting on a coffee table.  Or make a lot of different, smaller shapes to create almost a chandelier style (this would be so pretty!)

Will you be giving it a try?

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