DIY Braided Pacifier Clip

For starters, I have to tell you I think I am in full blown nesting now. I guess at almost 37 weeks that would make sense though- she is almost here! Every little tutorial I see for the little I want to try- but where to find the time is the question. I saw this tutorial over at Say Yes for braided binkie clips and they just looked too cute not to attempt. I figured pacifier clips were a quick little project I could tackle, and I was right- they were so easy and fun!
diy, leather binkie clip, baby, tutorial, pacifier clip

diy, leather binkie clip, baby, tutorial, pacifier clip

diy, leather binkie clip, baby, tutorial, pacifier clip


I won’t try to explain the step by step process because I’m sure the tutorial I followed does it way better than I can, so head on over to Say Yes for the full directions. A few things I did differently- I couldn’t find suspender clips so I used badge clips (but I was able to find them and the rest of the materials at Michaels), and I didn’t have a clipboard so I used a cutting board and a chip bag clip- nothing like improvising!


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Gift Wrapping Inspiration


This season, I am loving plain paper (kraft paper, white, red, or black are so chic) with a pretty gift topper.  Here are some super cute ideas- and I am sensing a theme with the greenery tie-ons!

brownpaperpackagesImage Credit

Cricut-Christmas-Tags-_-TCL-edit-600x840Image Credit
5 simple gift wrap ideasImage Credit
4462119_284854_JingleImage Credit

And to go on top of those pretty gifts, you have to have a cute gift tag!  Check out these cute printables:

mstetson_tscraft_holidaytags_RED2Click here for printable tags
GIftTag3Click here for printable tags
GiftTag3-2Click here for printable tags

Enjoy your gift wrapping!

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Floral Arranging Tips and Tricks

floral arranging tips and tricks

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my roses are blooming and I am loving having fresh cut flowers in the house;  And I had forgotten how heavenly they smell!  I am quite a sucker for a bunch of fresh blooms- they just add a little touch of something.  I tend to stick with uniform bouquets of a single type of flower- while it definitely is pretty, I think a masterfully created bouquet of different florals is quite a skill that I want to know more of!  A while ago, I read this article in Vogue and  had to share Sandra de Ovando’s 5 tips to floral arrangements:

1. Visualize the end product—you have to know what it will look like before you start.
2. Choose the color palette—we like to work with three different colors and recommend going monochromatic. There should be something soothing about them.
3. Choose a container that is appropriate for the size, which depends on the size of the flowers. It has to be in proportion, meaning the same amount of flowers in relation to the vase.
4. Start with your bigger flowers, then the smaller ones. The large ones mark the territory and act as boundaries.
5. Turn the arrangement as you make it so it’s beautiful from all angles.

-Sandra de Ovando, via Vogue

For inspiration, I love visiting Taylor Tomasi Hill’s instagram, @tthblooms.  Her arrangements are a dream, and hopefully when my peonies bloom in the next few weeks I can recreate hers!

Window box blooms 🌷 #miniatureblooms #eventblooms

A photo posted by @tthblooms on

xSMzBl08T4Wl photo via

I have also included another post about flower arrangements by Christina-Lauren from Inspirations and Celebrations– enjoy!

Flower arrangements make a world of difference when it comes to adding color, life, and vibrancy to a room. Whether you prefer to display flower arrangements only when you’re entertaining or enjoy having them in your home on an everyday basis, creating…


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