Modern Calligraphy: Getting Started

Lettering has always intrigued me- calligraphy especially.  I remember changing my handwriting weekly in grade school to try out different “fonts”- hearts on top of i’s, or E’s that looked like backwards 3’s… I was more worried about how the writing looked that what I was actually writing!  Currently, I have a “fake calligraphy” that I do, really it’s just adding shading to flourished cursive letters.  I decided it is time to learn how to do actual calligraphy- the real deal!  I found some super helpful resources to get me started and I thought I would share.

Here is my inspiration:



1. The Class:
I have signed up for a course on Skillshare called “Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy” by Molly Jacques, of Molly Jacques Illustration. Click here to check out the course- it’s free!

2. The Tool Kits:

Speedball Lettering and Calligraphy Kit

Speedball 6-Nib Calligraphy Lettering Set
3. The Books:

Modern Calligraphy: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in Script Calligraphy

Creative Lettering and Beyond: Inspiring tips, techniques, and ideas for hand lettering your way to beautiful works of art (Creative…and Beyond)

Now that I have blogged about it, I can’t give up, right?  You guys will have to hold me accountable!  Who’s going to try calligraphy with me?


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Deer Silhouettes

You know how some people can just think of something in their minds and draw or paint it perfectly? Yeah, I’m not one of those people at all. But I do sometimes get the itch to paint, so then Pinterest comes in handy for ideas to recreate (which I CAN do)! I love all of the silhouette paintings, so I made something with the hubby in mind (and something that will go with all of our shed antlers around the house, haha!)

Here’s how easy it is:
1. I found some deer silhouettes on Google, printed them on card stock, and cut them out.
2. I used the inverse of the silhouettes as my template and painted inside! Easy Peasy.

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