Lucy’s Fall Capsule Wardrobe

With kids, minimizing possessions seems impossible sometimes. (And maybe a little crazy!) But since paring down my closet to only things I love and wear often, I have found my morning routine (and laundry) go so much smoother. A more streamlined morning routine with a little one sounds like a dream, so I figured why not simplify Lucy’s clothing as well? Yes, it was hard- there are so many cute things for little girls to buy! But I’m hoping that having a limited number of things for Lucy will keep us from shopping and instead spend that time playing together. Also, by planning out her wardrobe, it gave me the ability to be more selective so more items go together seamlessly (this is important for when her daddy and Opa dress her, ha!) and I also was able to save money by shopping at the thrift store with the main goal of being sustainable (a win-win!)

For second hand items, I love because I can search for my favorite brands online at any time of day! Also, there’s always free shipping or other coupons available online.  If you shop through my referral link here, you will get 20% off and I will get a $20 shop credit! Thank you for supporting the blog! Also, I like to purchase through the Poshmark app (or website) because it supports other individuals- and if you’re buying kids clothes there, it usually is supporting other mommas!  Use code NXTPF for $5 off your first order at Poshmark.  Brick and mortar resale stores near our home that I like for Lucy are Kidz Again and Kids to Kids. Both are very clean and organized nicely! I also like to sell to these stores so I can essentially just trade her clothing for larger sizes.

** I am not giving you these discount codes in hopes that you will go buy many things to clutter your life- but I do want to help save you money if possible!  I also feel very strongly about buying second hand, so I’m happy to share these sites and stores with you.**

To plan Lucy’s wardrobe, I first picked a color palette of neutrals (cream, black, white) army green, and pops of pink (blush and bright pink). From there, I listed out types of clothing she needed: bottoms, tops, dresses, and jackets/coats/sweaters. More tops are necessary than bottoms, and I love Lucy in dresses so I focused my attention on those two areas. I’m so happy with all the great pieces I found (some were gifts, some things are on loan from friends, but most are thrifted).

toddler girl capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe, simplifying with kids1. genuine kids; swap 2. baby gap; poshmark 3. baby gap; from a friend 4. baby gap; kidz again 5. old navy; kidz again 6. zara; poshmark 7. carter’s; swap 8. baby gap; swap 9. carter’s; kidz again 10. old navy; swap 11. baby gap; kidz again 12. baby gap; kidz again 13. baby gap; swap 14. genuine kids; kidz again 15. baby gap; kidz again 16. children’s place; kidz again 17. old navy; from a friend 18. gymboree; swap 19. zara; swap 20. zara; from a friend 21. gymboree; savers 22. old navy; swap 23. baby gap; from a friend 24. old navy; poshmark 25. baby gap; kidz again 26. baby gap; gift

I have also been working on my Fall capsule wardrobe so stay tuned for that, but little girl clothing is way more fun to show off so Lucy’s was top priority!

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A Family Friendly Branson, Missouri Guide

When I originally thought of Branson, Missouri, I’m not going to lie- I thought of a vacation destination for white haired folks who wanted to see redneck country shows. You know, the Midwest’s Vegas of sorts. Turns out, I was slightly wrong. While the town is definitely known for their country shows (that probably could be seen as slightly redneck)-it is also smack dab the heart of the Ozarks, and let me tell you, it is GORGEOUS. The rocky country side, the “mountains” as my family from Texas calls them (when you’re from Idaho, other parts of the country have beautiful rolling hills, but maybe not so much mounains), and the lakes and rivers. It’s much more of an outdoorsy location than I thought- I wish we had time to go fishing (because people do flock to the area for the trout) but alas a trip to the fish hatchery would have to do.

1. College of the Ozarks

I know it sounds so silly to want to tour a college during an out of town stint, but College of the Ozarks in itself is a destination.  There is a lodge to actually stay in, a restaurant, multiple touring spots and museums, and plenty of family friendly activities.  Our favorites were to tour the jam making kitchen, tractor museum, and eat ice cream from the creamery.  And to top it off, most of the museums and tours on the campus are free!  For more info on visiting the campus, click here.

college of the ozarks, branson guide, branson travel guidecollege of the ozarks, branson guide, branson travel guidecollege of the ozarks, branson guide, branson travel guidecollege of the ozarks, branson guide, branson travel guidecollege of the ozarks, branson guide, branson travel guidecollege of the ozarks, branson guide, branson travel guidecollege of the ozarks, branson guide, branson travel guidecollege of the ozarks, branson guide, branson travel guide
2.Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

Located just below the Table Rock Dam, Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery is not only a great place to view the dam but also to learn about trout rearing.  There are some guided tours throughout the day or you can stroll at your own pace during a self guided tour.  Click here for more info.

table rock dam, branson guide, branson travel guidetable rock dam, branson guide, branson travel guideshepherd of the hills fish hatchery, uppababy, branson guide, branson travel guideshepherd of the hills fish hatchery, branson guide, branson travel guide
3. Willow Ridge Lodge

With 14 adults and kids, we needed space to spread out.  Marriott’s Willow Ridge Lodge was the perfect accommodations for our large group, with adjoining suites and large kitchens in the rooms.  We were able to cook many meals in the room and it was so nice to simply relax in the room and on the patio overlooking the pool.

magnolia journal, willow ridge lodge, branson guide, branson travel guide
4. Branson’s Center Stage Grill and Kaffee Haus

This restaurant not only has good food, but the meal comes with a good show! The adjoined coffee shop sells bakery items made at the restaurant and serves great coffee. More info and menu can be found here.

branson center stage and kaffee haus, kaffee haus, branson guide, branson travel guidebranson center stage and kaffee haus, kaffee haus, branson guide, branson travel guide, lemon bar
5. Showboat Branson Belle

A great opportunity to see Table Rock Lake, the Showboat Branson Belle is a two hour long boat ride/show/dinner. Good food, good show, good scenery- a win!

showboat branson belle, branson guide, branson travel guide

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Lucy’s 1st Fiesta

fiesta first birthday party


I’m a bit of an obsessed planner.  I look on Pinterest for months, and in this case, well over a year for ideas.  When I was still pregnant with Lucy, I was pinning on a secret Pinterest board, ideas for Lou’s first big party.  And you know what happened?  A month before her birthday I changed themes.  It was originally going to be a luau- how cute is that?  Lucy’s Luau?!  Well, it was Fiesta time in Texas over Lucy’s birthday and I just had to incorporate some Texan love into her day.  Long story short, Lucy had a wonderful fiesta.  We ate tacos and had dairy free lemon pound cake, which Lucy didn’t really seem to enjoy eating it as much as she enjoyed feeding it to her dog.  That lucky golden retriever!

Even though the ideas changed so soon to the day, I had a lot of fun putting together her party.  There were plenty of details that didn’t quite turn out as I imagined.  For example, the cactus balloons, which are actually three balloons glued together ended up being top heavy and falling upside down- sigh.  Nor could the group of toddlers and crawlers play the flamingo frisbee toss- what was I thinking with that one? But it was a gorgeous day outside and we enjoyed spending the day with our “near and dears” as we celebrated our lovely Lulu.

A few DIY projects for the party were the cactus balloons (idea found here), cactus banner (printable here), “Can’t Touch This” cactus coloring page party favors (printable here).

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