The Second Time Around

I have not been great about updating the blog with Chase’s surgery this time- it seems that between caring for a three week old and visiting the hubby in the hospital and then trying to care for myself as well took all my energy!  
For those of you who didn’t know, Chase had his second back surgery on Monday. This surgery was to remove the tumor in his spinal cord that has been causing him so much discomfort over the years. Here is how our week went:


Chase went into surgery around noon and it lasted around 5 hours. The surgery was successful at removing (almost all of) the tumor and revealed that the tumor wasn’t just .75 inches long like expected but was more like 10 INCHES (no, that’s not a typo) long and the size of a pinkie finger around! The surgeon felt that paralysis of the lower extremities would have been extremely close if Chase had not undergone the operation.  

While Chase was in surgery, I had my mom and a good friend keep Lucy and me preoccupied with shopping around Hyde Park. Chase was smart in wanting Lucy kept out of the germ infested hospital, even though we both wanted to be there so badly!

After his surgery, he spent the night in ICU. I was able to go visit him once he was awake and he seemed much more “with it” after this surgery! He was pretty shocked to hear about how long the tumor was- his response was, “You mean centimeters, right?” Nope, ha! 


The day after surgery, the physical therapists started to work with Chase. Once he was up and moving, some of the temporary surgery side affects reared their ugly heads, such as a delay and foot drop in his right leg and foot.   While it is temporary, it still is freaky for Chase to experience and having to relearn to walk has been extremely tiresome.  Tuesday consisted mainly of getting transferred to the neuro recovery floor and sleeping in between physical therapy sessions. 


Wednesday consisted of more physical therapy and resting for Chase.  An occupational therapist also came to work with him on some everyday activity motions. 


Chase got to come home!  He had another session of physical therapy at the hospital and then discharged in the early afternoon. 


We went to outpatient physical therapy, where the therapist seemed very pleased with the motion Chase does have in his right leg, even though it is delayed.  Going to PT was a big outing, so the rest of the day was mostly resting. 

We all are so happy Chase is home- even Max doesn’t want to leave his side.  And while he can’t lift Lucy, Chase still likes her to be cuddled on his chest when possible.  She has been a little ray of sunshine during this go around! 


Poor guy was pretty sick because of the pain medication so yesterday was all about getting that under control. By the evening he was doing much better! 

Our week has been pretty full, to say the least. Chase pulled through surgery like a champ and has made so much progress since Tuesday with learning to use his right leg again.  He has even walked to the kitchen without his walker a few times.  Although I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing!   As of now, he is to focus on rest, rest, rest and little, short moments of walking upright.  

Hopefully this answers any questions for those of you who were wondering!  Thank you again for keeping us in your thoughts- we appreciate it. 


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Our Little Lucy

She’s here!  A week ago today Lucy Kaye Newman was born on 4/27 at 4pm, weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and measuring 18.25″.   She has a head full of hair, has ten long fingers, and ten extra long toes!  She makes the cutest little newborn snorts, yawns, and squeals.  We couldn’t be more in love! 

About the Name

We named our daughter after my dad’s grandma Lucy.  I have always loved how classic the name is- and it has some great little nicknames!  Her middle name is a mix between Chase’s mom, Jeneen’s middle name, Kay, and the spelling of my mom and my middle name, Faye.  Lucy was born eight days before her grandma Jeneen’s birthday so we felt it was only appropriate to include part of her grandma’s name!  

We are so thrilled she is here and quite proud of what a good baby she has been so far! 



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Hospital Bag

hospital bag, preparing for baby

hospital bag, preparing for baby

The internet and Pinterest are teeming with posts on what to pack along for labor and delivery.  And I feel like I have done more research on it than anything else this pregnancy!  Even though I’m sure that isn’t the case.  What I have gathered is that there are “the essentials” and then there’s “what to pack for baby”, and of course “what to pack for your support person”.  Oh my.  Since I didn’t want to look like I was moving into the hospital for a month, I shied away from all those lists and just went with what seemed right for us.  I made Chase pack his own bag (sorry, honey), and then I focused on baby and me.  One bag for me, and the diaper bag for little miss!

hospital bag, preparing for baby

My Bag: (a Kestrel duffel similar to this)
+ comfy pajamas and a robe- I made sure to pack a pajama top like this with buttons down the front; classy and functional for breastfeeding.
+ baby book to document all the precious firsts; I love this one by the brand Lucy Darling!  The one I bought is actually the boy version because they make one with pink at Land of Nod, but the inside is all the same.  Oops!
+ a bag of toiletries (face wash, hair ties, dry shampoo, toothpaste and brush, hair brush, etc.)

hospital bag, preparing for baby
+ a bag of sample sized lotions- you better believe I’m going to ask Chase to rub my huge, swollen feet during labor so I have lots of sample sized Aveda creams and lotions, and some of their Stress-Fix line packed.  Since I have never gone through labor I am willing to try anything to make it a little less stressful!  I even have their Balancing Blue Oil in the bag- we’ll see if I get to the point where I reach for it.  My sister gave me this cute Burt’s Bees travel kit that I have packed with more lotions and lip balm and that sort of thing.   I also packed Evian face spray because it is incredibly refreshing to use any other time, so why not in the hospital?
+ cozy socks since hospitals can be cold- and my Minnetonka slippers for walking the halls with baby
+ a comfy and stretchy going home outfit- a knit skirt, a long cardigan, and a nursing tank (all links are similar styles to what I have packed)
+ outfit for at the hospital (never know how long the stay will be!)- sweat pants, sweatshirt, nursing tank (all links are similar styles to what I have packed)
+ undergarments
+ nursing pads

hospital bag, preparing for baby, life in play, totesavvy

Baby’s Bag: (a Louis Vuitton Neverfull with a Life in Play ToteSavvy insert)
+ going home outfits (I have a few packed since I can’t decide which one she will wear!) My mom got me this sweet set that I have packed, but I had to bring this dress too.
+ 2 swaddle blankets (they are too pretty to not bring multiples)
+ diapers
+ wipes
+ pacifier and clip (I realize she probably won’t need this until later but it’s packed in the diaper bag for when that day comes)
+ burp cloth
+ changing mat
+ nursing cover

**most of these links are affiliate links, meaning clicking on them will support my blog.  Thank you for your continued support! 

Am I missing anything?  Please let me know asap so I can throw it on in!


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