Beginning Camping Season at Sheep Creek

Our annual fishing excursion to the Duck Valley Indian Reservoir signals a sort of waking from a winter long hibernation of outdoor activity.  It marks the first camping trip of the season, and definitely not the last.  This year was all the same as the past and also quite a bit different, with a baby in tow.  Especially with a baby who just wanted to get down in the dirt and stuff handfuls of rocks into her mouth.  What stayed the same, is that it gets cold and WINDY.  It’s also proven that the fishing can be really good (unfortunately Chase and I didn’t have the greatest of luck in this catergory this year).  Starting our camping season at Sheep Creek, in my opinion, is the best way to begin.  If it is possible to weather the storms and winds of Sheep Creek, any other outdoor adventure will be a breeze in the following warmer months!  

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A Little Lambie for Lucy

As they are for most children, Easter baskets were always such a fun tradition at our house.  I still associate the Starburst jellybeans with said tradition, and my family still jokes about a little stuffed toy that would say “Happy Easter!” in the most annoying, obnoxious voice us siblings got one of the years.  I realize Lucy will not remember this first Easter, so I’m not going to pretend I went all out or anything.  But I did find a precious little stuffed lamb to give her and it was so sweet to see how she lit up when she first was presented with the toy!  

My parents were in town this last weekend so we got to enjoy some Spring time fun (except it SNOWED last Friday!)  Lucy loved her time with her Ama and Papa!  

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1st Edition: Explore Boise

This morning, Chase had a meeting downtown and since it was my day off from work, Lucy and I tagged along for the ride. Or maybe I should say we tagged along for the walk because that is just what we did! We parked on one end of the city and just walked and walked and walked. It was crisp out but sunny and the blooms downtown this time of year are just phenomenal!
First, we made our way to West Elm. I love getting inspiration from their store, as the aesthetic there is very in line with my interior design style. Then we took a long detour to get to Piece Unique, one of my favorite downtown boutiques. After making a wishlist a mile long (not really but I did spy some amazing shoes there!) we headed to Trader Joe’s.  T-Joe’s has some pretty awesome flowers, and Lou and I felt in the mood to check out some pretty blooms.  And once again, we took the long way to get there. The long way, meaning we would walk a few blocks then turn and go a few blocks in a different direction and we kept doing that until we made it to our destination. Taking the long way, I have found, is really helpful in learning the city. I passed so many little hole in the wall places that I would have never known about! Not to mention, I got a good amount of steps in which is pretty necessary since my job went from running around a store all day to sitting at a desk. Now my days off have to include serious activity!
After Chase got out of his meeting, we went to Bleubird for lunch. It is one of our favorite lunch spots downtown, as they have unique sandwiches and salads that will knock your socks off. And their homemade sodas are legit!
Downtown Boise is just such a magical place to explore. It has the perfect mix of history and new growth, all while keeping a certain charm. I am so happy I get to claim this city as my home! I’m excited to share more of all the fun little treasures we find in the city, so this will be the first edition of an Explore Boise post. Stay tuned for more!

224 N 10th St, Boise, ID 83702
(208) 345-1055

Piece Unique & Shoez 
205 N 10th St, Boise, ID 83702
(208) 387-0250

Trader Joe’s
300 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702
(208) 336-7282

West Elm Boise
824 W Idaho St, Boise, ID 83702
(208) 342-0163

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