Building My Spring Capsule Wardrobe with Thred Up & Swap

The time has come!  The wardrobe update for Spring will be happening this next month!  Warmer weather, lighter clothes, brighter colors…. AH!  I have been working on part 3 of creating a capsule wardrobe, and I thought it would be more fun to post about my upcoming capsule than my past winter items.  So, as I have been shopping around for items to wear during the upcoming months to fill the holes in what I already own, I am gravitating towards secondhand or Made in the USA items.  I feel that being a conscious consumer is key ever since watching the documentary on garment factory workers, The True Cost.  It blew my mind that my frivolous, materialistic spending was impacting others in such a HUGELY negative way.  So, I had to share my new favorite online consignment shops with you all, because it’s AMAZING the items you can find and at some great deals.

The two websites are Thred Up and Swap; they both sell used items, but I have been extremely impressed with the orders I have received so far.

Thred Up

A San Fransisco based company, Thred Up is an online market place of men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing.  There are distribution centers all around the US.  The website is organized very nicely, and is easy to search and filter by brands, sizes, etc.  They even have a “Designer” section, which is where I love to look for high quality items at great prices.

My purchases from Thred Up included a Tylho brand tunic originally from Anthropologie that I didn’t snag when we had in the store a few years ago, and an Ulla Johnson dress.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will know how big of a fan I am of her designs, and couldn’t pass up a $500+ dress for $15- plus, the color palette and fit are perfect for my Spring capsule.  It wasn’t just about the good deal for me!

I have had great luck with ordering on Thred Up and highly suggest giving it a try!  Click here for $10 off your first order.  ***And by following the referral link, we both get $10 credit, so it’s a win-win!  Thank you for your support!***


Swap is also a US based company, with a fulfillment center outside of Chicago, IL.  They have baby, kids’, maternity, men’s, women’s, and some home goods/baby gear too!

This website is more like a garage sale, to put it simply.  Less cohesive listings, harder to filter through items, etc.  But I’m still including it because the potential to find even better deals than Thred Up is great.  I found a BCBG utility jacket for $8, whereas any other consignment shop (online or physical) would have sold it for at least $35.  The key is to know exactly what you’re looking for- I knew I wanted a green jacket, so I looked at the jacket and outerwear category and then filtered by the color.   I also ordered a silk scarf, which I love!  It was practically free (you like my logic? HA.) and I’m loving the 80’s vibe from the pattern and colors.  There’s some great diamonds in the rough on this site- I also just scored some Kate Spade wedges that didn’t have any brand info but I knew by looking at them they were quality.  Yay!

For free shipping and a 20% discount off your order, click here.


Lastly, I will share a tip that has been useful for me.  For both websites, I like to search by brand.  This narrows down the thousands of listings into a smaller grouping of items I actually would really like, and know my size in.  You’d be surprised at how sizing differs brand to brand!

So, have I convinced you to give online thrifting a shot?  Have you tried either?  Let me know in the comments!

$10 off Thred Up

Free Shipping + 20% off at Swap

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A Mom’s Favorite Accessory 

A favorite go-to accessory for anyone, not just one with kiddos, is one that goes with every outfit and adds a little pop.  But a momma needs an accessory that perks up her tired eyes and gives her a pulled together feeling.  So you want to hear my favorite accessory as a mom?  No, it’s not my diaper bag or a super great concealer.  It’s glasses!  Yep, that’s right.  Glasses are the perfect way to cover up those under eye circles while looking so chic!  I have channeled my inner Jenna Lyons and started rocking thick nerd glasses at least once a week.

The part that I’m a little embarrassed about is that they are actually fake!  Yes, they are clear lenses with no prescription.  Gasp! That’s the part I normally don’t tell people when they do compliment them (and for those of you who hate the nerdy-chic trend, YES, people do compliment them! Haha)– so I’m letting you in on a little secret of mine. Fake glasses, glasses trend, fashion glasses, nerdy chic, mom accessory Fake glasses, glasses trend, fashion glasses, nerdy chic, mom accessory Fake glasses, glasses trend, fashion glasses, nerdy chic, mom accessory

Glasses from Sunglass Spot
Watch from Jord (you still have time to enter to win a free watch here! You will immediately get a $25 coupon to use once entering.)

What do you think of the glasses trend?  Would you rock a pair of nerd lenses? I’m curious if I’m the only one here, so please let me know in the comments!


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The Struggle with Minimalism: Clothing Edition

A few years ago, I came across author Jennifer L Scott and was completely hooked on the idea of living a luxurious life with less.  Why settle for multiple mediocre things when you could have one great thing that you love?  

After reading about Scott’s Ten Item Wardrobe, I was hooked on the idea.  I pared down the closet and was only buying things I needed and that worked with other things I had.

Starting my job at Anthropologie a year and a half ago got me a little derailed from this mindset.  I was constantly seeing the new items and even if I didn’t have anything to go with it, I HAD to make a purchase.  The discount was just too good- I didn’t want to waste it!  Chase and I jokingly would say, “Well… I don’t want to LOSE money!” (If you haven’t watched Jim Gaffigan’s skit on sales, you must!) 

Anyways, as I now have my pre-pregnancy body back and feel like I can shop again, I find myself wanting to fall back in the rut of giving in to every great thing that comes in the store.  But what has really helped me is that I tell myself I can only buy something if I am replacing something else in my closet- for example, I had some jeans that were not the best fit anymore (low rise after having a baby is just awful) so I sold them online in order to buy a new pair (these ones with a higher rise, thankfully- and they are so comfortable, I don’t ever want to take them off!)  Selling these items means I can replace without going into debt and it has become quite a fun little past time to be an online shop owner!  See my Poshmark closet here

My main goal is to combat clutter but also to have the mindset that living with less is best.  I want Lucy to learn that instant gratification isn’t a good rule to live by.  I’m not saying I am against shopping (I work in retail, after all!) but I am saying to put thought into each purchase- and go with quality over quality!  After all, three H&M or Forever 21 blouses is the same price as one great Anthro top!  

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