Dreaming of Fall

Today I got an email reminding me that the Farmstead Corn Maze season is close by!  Yeah, I sign up for spam emails like that.  But only because fall activities are my absolute favorite and I just can’t wait for all the festivities!  And as I am writing this post, there is a massive wind storm- I can almost dream it is blowing in cooler weather to change the leaves to pretty bright colors, but I do believe that is wishful thinking! A few of my favorite Fall things:

Fall Favorites


1. Hot Apple Cider
2. Fall Leaves
3. Chunky Sweaters- love this one from Anthro, Urban Outfitters, and Shopbop
4. Plaid Scarves- I’m really impressed with this one by OLSONBOYE
5. Tall Boots- Frye’s are my favorite!
6. Pumpkins
7. Anything Pumpkin Spice!

What are your fall favorites?

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Favorite Catalogs

favorite catalogs

As a marketer and clothing lover, I find it a lot of fun to check out catalogs.  It’s not only for the purchasing options, but also for the visual layouts and creativeness of the whole effect.  Here are a few of my favorite catalogs to sign up for!

catalogs, favorite catalogs, style catalogs, stylist ideas1. Anthropologie: obviously!  But seriously, the layouts feel more like a high fashion/travel magazine mixed together with the best of style.

2. Boden: this British catalog has modest clothes in the brightest and most fun prints and colors.

3. Free People: I’m so impressed with the outfit styling in this catalog; The layering is seriously amazing!

4. Madewell: clean, crisp, yet mixed with cool tomboy, Madewell’s style is one that will last forever.  The styling is like J.Crew mixed with a 70’s flare.  This makes sense as the two brands are owned by the same company!

Have a good Wednesday!



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Timeless Denim: the Levi 501

levi 501

I recently read “Is This the Beginning of the End for Skinny Jeans?” on The Wall Street Journal and it got me thinking, why do I gravitate towards skinny jeans? I love the slimming effect, and they do tend to feel more like sweatpants because of the stretch. But will they last forever? Are they a timeless article of clothing? Just a few years ago, I remember saying, “I will never own a pair of skinny jeans!” Now they are all I have in my closet. But I’m looking for change! An iconic denim like the 501 carries history with each vintage pair and they differ from all others, even if they are the same cut. I am loving the contrast of a looser fitting vintage denim paired with classy, chic tops! And we even started selling Levi’s at Anthropologie (online exclusive) so that says something, right? I have been searching in thrift shops around town for the perfect pair, but it’s easier said than done. While my search continues, I still enjoy finding outfit inspiration including 501s. Here are a few of my favorite looks:






Here are some Levi’s I’m am currently craving:

What are your thoughts, skinny versus 501s?  Do you agree that the death of the skinny jean is near?



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