Himmeli Mobile 

hemmeli mobile, Nursery DIY, modern nursery

Hemmeli, geometric shape mobile, modern mobile, DIY mobile, nursery DIY
I have another overdue nursery DIY that I wanted to post way back when I was actually making the project, but then slacked.  The hemmeli mobile that I made happens to be my favorite little accessory in the nursery- I feel like it adds the perfect modern touch and it was pretty easy to make once I got the hang of himmeli!   After getting asked how I did it, I realized I should just post about it now, so here it goes.

I tried to follow this tutorial as close as possible but ended up making my own shapes which gave it an overall different design.  I also had to look up some other tutorial just to read how they were doing it as I had failed a few times before having success.


Plastic Straws 

Thick Thread

Lacing Needle

Gold spray paint
Hemmeli, geometric shape mobile, modern mobile, DIY mobile, nursery DIYHemmeli, geometric shape mobile, modern mobile, DIY mobile, nursery DIYI used thick embroidery thread with a big needle to thread the straws, and made 1 big square with 4 smaller squares to hang from the big one.  Then I made a smaller gem shape for the bottom piece.

The key that I learned was to not cut the thread off right where you knot it (this may be common sense for some but I had to learn the hard way)- just thread the excess inch or so into the straw and no one will see it!  The problem with cutting too close is that it would make my knots fall out and then the whole shape would fall apart.  After this happened a few times (and wasted about 20 minutes each time) I was fed up, ready to quit, and decided to try leaving excess on my last attempt.  It worked!

After the shapes were all tied, we spray painted the mobile gold.  This made it look like I actually used copper tubing which was the look I wanted, YAY!  To hang, Chase tied clear fishing line to the top shape and attached the line to a hook he had inserted into the ceiling.

Hemmeli, geometric shape mobile, modern mobile, DIY mobile, nursery DIY
The neat thing about hemmeli is that it can be done in so many different designs and projects.  You could make a large, single shape to have sitting on a coffee table.  Or make a lot of different, smaller shapes to create almost a chandelier style (this would be so pretty!)

Will you be giving it a try?

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IKEA Lindved Table Hack

This post is well overdue, as this was one of the projects for Lucy’s nursery!  But we all know how time just flies especially with a baby in the house.  But I’m still so excited about this little DIY that I had to get it up on the blog!

For starters, I could not find a side table that I loved for the nursery anywhere.  I was so picky and the side tables I did like were usually too expensive.  Hence, the DIY.  We had this little IKEA table sitting around and if you haven’t seen this style before, it’s like, the cheapest table you can find anywhere.  $20 cheap!  It’s considered a side table but really it would be perfect on a patio since it’s metal and all white- it would be such a cute little bistro table to eat al fresco.   Here’s the stock photo of the table:

But back to the process- I figured the legs looked a little boring all white, so I had Chase spray paint them black and gold to create the “dipped” effect on the bottom.  For the top of the table, I bought marble contact paper off Amazon.  I cut a circle the size of the table with an extra inch around the sides so I could fold the paper under the edge of the table.  Before I folded the paper, we worked really hard with a scrapper to get all the bubbles out from the flat surface.  




Side note: the contact paper is the coolest stuff.  It looks pretty decent (I’m not going to tell you it looks exactly like real marble- it does not- but it’s close enough for what I am using it for!) and there’s so many times I have grabbed my roll of leftover contact paper for little product photo shoots.  It’s so handy to have!


It has held up really well for the last 7 months considering it was a $40 project total including the cost of the table.  The only down side is the contact paper is starting to peel up from the edge of the table so I will have to figure out a solution for that.  If anyone else has ideas or past experiences that are similar with contact paper, I would love to hear in the comments! IKEA hack, lindved table, marble top side table, marble contact paperIKEA hack, lindved table, marble top side table, marble contact paperIKEA hack, lindved table, marble top side table, marble contact paperIKEA hack, lindved table, marble top side table, marble contact paper

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Nest Tour: Modern Meets Old Fashioned Charm

THIS HOUSE.  You guys.  It’s gorgeous!  It was for sale the last few times I scoured Realtor.com, which I do pretty often, but now I can’t find it.  I’m sure someone snagged this beaut right up.  I was going to offer a room up for grabs to anyone who would help fund the purchase, but so sorry, that great plan isn’t up for grabs anymore.

I think what I like the most is not only the style of the exterior, but the black and white interior.  Whoever staged this house and I are kindred design spirits, let me tell ya!  The reason such a monochromatic color scheme works in this home is because there are so many great textures being mixed.  There’s pops of fur, distressed wood, marble, etc.  it’s just perfect! 

Photos via Clark & Co

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