Crushing on Antique Rugs

Vintage rugs are some of my favorite home accessories at the moment.  I have mainly been eyeing them for our kitchen but also have been loving the antique touch in an entryway. I think a vintage rug is the perfect way to warm up a modern home;  It gives some extra texture and color to the sleek and usually monochromatic contemporary style.  I’m all about adding a little boho touch in my clothing so why not give it a shot for the home?  

For months, I have been searching online for some reasonably priced antique rugs but they are very expensive for the real deal!  In my searching, I found that Rugs USA had the best selection of vintage style rugs.  Over the weekend I had to take advantage of their Black Friday sale so I placed an order!  I am so excited to receive the rugs and I feel that they will add the perfect amount of color and warmth to our cool, gray tile flooring. Vintage rug, modern vintage decorVintage rug, modern vintage decorVintage rug, modern vintage decorVintage rug, modern vintage decor

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***Similar styles can be found here, here, and here. 

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Nest Tour: A Modern Craftsman

When I’m with my parents, we always talk about houses.  Whether it was one of our many past homes, their future “forever home” that they will be building in the near future, or just homes for sale we have seen.  So when we were driving by a cute new neighborhood in my hometown called Town Creek during my last visit, we had to swing in!  The lots were quite small but all the homes were just gorgeous.  I fell in love with the exterior of this home instantly, as I love a bright white, gray tin, and wood mixture!  The interior doesn’t disappoint, either- see for yourself.  Wouldn’t decorating this place be so much fun?!

All photos from Limestone Properties

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Magnolia Market

magnolia market

Ever since watching Fixer Upper, I have always wanted to make the trek to Waco to shop at Magnolia Market.  When I was visiting my family this last trip, I finally got to go!  It was so worth the 2 hour ride one way with three little ones in the backseat (they actually did awesome in the car- I was so impressed!) Sadly, I didn’t end up buying any housewares (shocker, I know!) because it’s pretty much all available on their online shop. So instead of lugging it home in my suitcase I decided to wait.  So that’s a plus for us out of towners!  We did get some food from their food trucks though, and it was great.

The whole facility was just beautiful- what can you expect from the Gaines’?  It also was packed.  I was amazed at how many people were just lined up to spend their money- I think the market had about 50+ people in line to make purchases.  Wow.  And I was pushing a stroller around which made me really realize how many people were in the store, ha!

It was really great to gather some ideas for the nest while we were there.  Everywhere I looked was just teeming with inspiration!

I couldn’t put my camera down, so beware of a bajillion images below!

magnolia market

Some of my favorite Magnolia Market goods:

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