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Beginning Camping Season at Sheep Creek

Our annual fishing excursion to the Duck Valley Indian Reservoir signals a sort of waking from a winter long hibernation of outdoor activity.  It marks the first camping trip of the season, and definitely not the last.  This year was all the same as the past and also quite a bit different, with a baby in tow.  Especially with a baby who just wanted to get down in the dirt and stuff handfuls of rocks into her mouth.  What stayed the same, is that it gets cold and WINDY.  ...

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Weekly Review: More Camping Photos, Roses and Dogs

This week I have enjoyed: + my roses blooming!   + a Mother’s Day Brunch at Juniper with the in-laws     + lazy camping mornings; how is it that I sleep sounder and longer on a foam pad while camping than I ever do at home?    + talking camping tips and tricks over at Trois Chic; I hardly feel qualified but I have learned a few tips in our adventures!  + babysitting Max’s girlfriend Abby- they play so good together!  Although I think  ...

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Duck Valley Fishing Trip

This weekend we took a quick trip to the Duck Valley Reservation to do some trout fishing.  It’s always an adventure there, as you never know what type of weather you will get!  It’s a safe bet to assume you will get at least one torrential downpour at some point in time during the trip, even if it is for just a short moment.  And the WIND!  Oh my goodness.  But the fishing is real good, and that is why we go!  When the wind was too much for me to handle, I curled up in the back  ...

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Hiking to the Peak

Last weekend, we went for a beautiful hike attempting to look for antler sheds.  While we were a little too early in the season to find any sheds, we did see hundreds of deer!  Not wanting to spook the deer, we would stop and let them meander away and thankfully Max didn’t bark at the animals! We went further up than I have ever hiked before- but there is something so freeing about just hiking up the side of a mountain, off of any trails (before moving to Boise I would have never said  ...

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As July is dawning, I am realizing how fast the Summer of 2014 has gone. In just a few short weeks (3 to be exact) I will be starting my LAST semester of college (finally)!  Time seems to be flying, but I’m thankful for the constancy of the simple things in life. Simple things like: blackberry picking (or lack thereof, due to too many red berries!) and carved initials in trees at the inlaws….   Chase says he doesn’t even remember carving these initials (must have been  ...

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Hiking in Idaho: Granite Mountain Lookout

Idaho has some seriously awesome hiking.  We have been on quite a few hikes around the McCall area, and all are quite beautiful- but this hike made it to the top of the list for me! The distance didn’t sound scary at all (3 miles one way)- but I didn’t take the elevation gain in consideration!  We started at an elevation of 6,753 ft and climbed to height of 8,474- so in other words, we just climbed the side of a mountain!  No big deal.  But the views from that height were  ...

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