Camping Near Ketchum

There is nothing better than camping in the summer. All the effort of prepping and packing the car up is made worth it while you’re cuddled into your sleeping bag in the morning with the brisk air surrounding you. But with kids… That effort is tripled it seems! We had grand plans of camping at least four or five times this season, but this last weekend marked our second trip!  Our first trip, which I blogged about here was so fun but we had the help of three other adults to watch Lou- without that we thought camping would be impossible!  But we braved the unknown and joined some friends of ours for a night of nature.  I was amazed at how much easier this trip was, with Lucy not even 2 months older!  She was happy to explore close by on her own and didn’t stick everything into her mouth. 

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Slow Down & Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

I am just as excited for Fall as the next person, or maybe even more because I’ve been prepping for my Fall capsule wardrobe and it has me giddy for sweaters and boots!  But I’ve been feeling lately like I need to stop planning for a second and enjoy the rest of the season we’re in.  Often, I’m looking ahead to “the next big thing” and overlooking the current situation.  This breeds discontentment, unnecessary anxiety, and too much planning.  Yes, I do think there is such a thing as too much planning!  It’s the phobia of leaving any moment free for down time, usually due to the fear of missing out. Lately I have been making a goal of enjoying the moment I’m in and it really has stripped so much stress from my life! 

To be mindful of the rest of Summer, I’ve been doing these things:

-playing in the backyard more with Lucy
-swimming in our neighborhood pool more often (except during our last swim Chase threw his back out… poor guy!)
-wearing tank tops and/or sandals daily
-eating more salads and fresh produce (I’ve been making a watermelon salad lately that is divine!)
-dining al fresco
-going to the Farmer’s Market
-camping (and prepping for another camping trip!)

What are your favorite summer activities? 

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The Springs in Idaho City

The Springs in Idaho City take the term “hot tubbing” to a whole new level.  Nestled in the pine trees of Idaho City, the natural hot spring fed pools are a completely rejuvenating experience.  Chase and I headed North a few weekends ago to the mountains for a relaxing date night to celebrate our birthdays together, and the beautiful scenery paired with the luxurious pools were just the right combination we were looking for!  

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