What I Learned from Courney Carver at the Tiny Wardrobe Tour

project 333, tiny wardrobe tour, minimizing, capsule wardrobe

Last Thursday night, I got to listen to Courtney Carver herself, and learn a little more about her background and why she started Project333. It was an inspiring evening that made me want to pare down even more! The timing of the tour coming to Boise was perfect- I have been sticking to my FIRST season of “33” items that started in October and will run through December. I say “33” because my number isn’t quite there (I don’t count outerwear currently- keep on reading to see how that is going!) 

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Sustainable Product Guide

sustainable products guide, ecofriendly products, organic products

In a world of easily accessible fast consumerism, it is time to focus our time and energy on making our dollar count towards good. Good for the small businesses, good for the environment, good for the workplace, and good for our health. A sustainable product is one that benefits each of those categories- environmental, economical, and social, and also focuses on the impacts of public health. Here are some great companies that are making sustainability a goal in their mission. While purchasing organic may cost a little more up front, it is helping so many great causes and is well worth the investment. Quality > Quantity!


Wild Dill
Noble Carriage
vivaio days
Lux & Eco
Two Crows for Joy
vivaio days
The Green Life


Bead Reel
Lux & Eco
FASHIONABLE // Local + Global. Beautiful products by women who have overcome.
Love Justly
People Tree
Taylor Stitch
The Green Life


Organic Basics


Fig & Flower Natural Beauty
The Green Life


***This list contains affiliate links, meaning the blog will get a small percentage of the sales. We so appreciate your support of our passion project here on the blog!***

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Minimizing Paper Goods: Magazine edition 

issuu magazines, digital magazines, reducing paper clutter

Believe it or not, I used to be quite a hoarder myself. My collection included anything with pretty paper. Magazines, catalogs, scraps of patterned paper or mailings, and of course, scrapbook paper. I still have a desk drawer full of card making things including paper, but I have since given up my magazines and catalogs and (most) scraps of paper! In my journey of simplifying, I have realized I don’t want to completely cut out material items such as magazines that have brought me so much joy in the past. I have also learned a little bit about myself and why I even like paper goods so much! Instead of being sold items in catalogs, I love to see how the styling is done- how a scarf is tied, what patterns are paired together, etc. and how the photos are taken. As for magazines, I enjoy so much reading short stories of different viewpoints and adventures, and seeing the accompanying photos. I will never completely cut these acts from my life, nor would I want to! But now, when I finish reading or looking at a magazine or catalog, I cut out my favorite images and create a collage in my journal. It adds a fun inspirational page and then I get to minimize by throwing the rest of the paper away!

Another trick I have learned with minimizing the paper clutter is to browse magazines on issuu, a digital publishing platform (for free!). Sweet Paul has always been a favorite magazine of mine, and it actually started as a digital publication through issuu. Supporting someone else’s “passion project” is so fun, and it’s amazing to see what talent is out there. There is so much design inspiration to be found flipping through the digital mags! Here are a few of my favorites:

issuu magazines, digital magazines, reducing paper clutter 1. Wilding 2. Vanalogue 3. Chickpea 4. Minty 5. Simply Hygee 6. My Magazine

 Do you have a favorite magazine?  How do you feel about online magazines?  I’m curious, since there is something to be said of actually sitting down with a magazine in hand.  It’s a bit of an adjustment!

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