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A Family Friendly Branson, Missouri Guide

When I originally thought of Branson, Missouri, I’m not going to lie- I thought of a vacation destination for white haired folks who wanted to see redneck country shows. You know, the Midwest’s Vegas of sorts. Turns out, I was slightly wrong. While the town is definitely known for their country shows (that probably could be seen as slightly redneck)-it is also smack dab the heart of the Ozarks, and let me tell you, it is GORGEOUS. The rocky country side, the  ...

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Beginning Camping Season at Sheep Creek

Our annual fishing excursion to the Duck Valley Indian Reservoir signals a sort of waking from a winter long hibernation of outdoor activity.  It marks the first camping trip of the season, and definitely not the last.  This year was all the same as the past and also quite a bit different, with a baby in tow.  Especially with a baby who just wanted to get down in the dirt and stuff handfuls of rocks into her mouth.  What stayed the same, is that it gets cold and WINDY.  ...

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Our Texas Trip

Last week we got back from a long weekend in Texas with family.  We made some good memories playing with cousins, visiting great grandma and grandpa, hanging out with aunts and uncles, and winning over the hearts of “Ama and Papa” (although I’m sure their hearts have already been won!).  I always come home reminded that Boise is now where I belong but with a little ache and hole in the heart for the friends and family left behind in the South!    We  ...

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Trailing of the Sheep Festival

Last weekend we went to Sun Valley to watch the Trailing of the Sheep.  It was perfect Fall weather and such a relaxing little getaway!   Saturday we wandered around Ketchum for some shopping then ventured over to Hailey to see the booths and grab some food.  Sunday we watched the actual trailing of the sheep through town- on our way in, we passed a hill side where all of the sheep were hanging out, which was a neat glimpse before the actual event!  Then when they made  ...

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Magnolia Market

Ever since watching Fixer Upper, I have always wanted to make the trek to Waco to shop at Magnolia Market.  When I was visiting my family this last trip, I finally got to go!  It was so worth the 2 hour ride one way with three little ones in the backseat (they actually did awesome in the car- I was so impressed!) Sadly, I didn’t end up buying any housewares (shocker, I know!) because it’s pretty much all available on their online shop. So instead of lugging it home in my  ...

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Downtown Boise with Out-of-Towners

My brother and sister in law came to visit us last weekend for the Fourth so we had fun showing them the unique Boise-ish things.  Some of those things were brunch downtown at Juniper, Saturday market, dinner at Crooked Fence and the Capitol building. I find it to be so much fun to tour your hometown like you are visiting for the first time!  Where would you eat? What would you do? I can tell you this- I wouldn’t waste any time eating at any chain restaurants.  And we  ...

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