Bruneau Dunes State Park

bruneau dunes state park

When we went fishing out at the Duck Valley Reservation last month, we made a stop at the Bruneau Dunes State Park because I had never been before. You know the feeling when you are standing on the beach looking out into the never ending ocean? That feeling of being incredibly small and powerless? Yeah, that’s how it is when you look at a sea of sand, too! I would have loved to spend more time exploring and climbing the dunes, but we only had a few minutes to spare (fishing is pretty important, after all!) There’s even an observatory out at the state park and I’m sure the stars are just amazing at night. I sense another camping trip coming up, maybe when it cools down this Fall, because climbing the sand dunes in the summer just doesn’t seem fun or comfortable!
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Have you been to the dunes?

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Road Trip Essentials

road trip essentials
Yesterday we started our trek to Minnesota and will be arriving sometime tonight. I am really looking forward not only for the time we will spend with family, on the lake, and attending a wedding once we get to our destination, but I’m also really excited for the travel time. I have always loved a good road trip! Here are a few of my essentials to make the drive more enjoyable!
road trip, road trip essentials, packing guide
1. Comfy Clothes: Being comfortable doesn’t mean sacrificing style- these joggers from Anthropologie are cute but feel like pajamas, which is definitely important for sitting in the car all day.
2. Drinks: We bring a variety of drinks because when you’re bored in the car, I always get thirsty which means we have to stop and look for somewhere to get a drink- total time waster. Although I’m not saying you shouldn’t stop and find those local coffee shops- that’s all part of the adventure! But this trip we have a bit of a deadline so there won’t be as much stopping. Some of our favorite drinks are Starbucks Doubleshots, Rev3 Energya natural energy drink that is super refreshing- purchasable through the link here, and lots of sparkling waters!
3. Sunglasses: no explanation needed, am I right?
4. Camera: I always take my camera on a road trip- you never know what you may see! And documenting any trip is important. I absolutely love my Canon Eos 60d– it’s an amazing camera!
5. Sunscreen: I’m sure you all know this, but the rays that come through the sunroof and windows are perfect to fry your little legs and arms! Make sure to protect your skin- this little travel sunscreen from Anthro is so cute.
6. Audiobooks: We get hours of entertainment out of audiobooks on the road. Make sure to get the unabridged versions for the full amount of listening time. I think The Girl on the Train: A Novel would be a great road trip read! Also, if you sign up for Audible, you can get it plus another book for free! Sweet, right?

7. Cooler: our Yeti Hopper bag is perfect for storing drinks and snacks. When we pack a cooler, I have noticed we eat healthier snacks because I can pack carrot sticks, hummus, and yogurts.
8. Pillow and Blanket: I always get sleepy after a few hours in the car! This cool travel set by Lug includes fleece blanket, matching pillow cover, and inflatable pillow.

What are your essentials for a road trip?


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Weekly Review: More Camping Photos, Roses and Dogs

This week I have enjoyed:

+ my roses blooming!  

+ a Mother’s Day Brunch at Juniper with the in-laws    

+ lazy camping mornings; how is it that I sleep sounder and longer on a foam pad while camping than I ever do at home?   

+ talking camping tips and tricks over at Trois Chic; I hardly feel qualified but I have learned a few tips in our adventures! 

+ babysitting Max’s girlfriend Abby- they play so good together!  Although I think he was uneasy in this picture since he had to share his spot on the couch!    

+ hobo dinners while camping- I tried a new one that I saw in Sunset magazine, an Italian Hobo Dinner 

Have a good weekend! 



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