Be More With Less: Five in Ten

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I have so enjoyed reading Courtney Carver’s blog, Be More with Less. She is the founder of Project 333, which is a minimal wardrobe movement of only wearing 33 items for 3 months. It sounds extreme, but I’ve been trying it out for the last few weeks and will probably just keep it up through the end of September, which would get me to the start of my Fall wardrobe. I find I still have a crazy amount of outfits to wear but my closet looks so nice and clean. That doesn’t mean that I only have said amount of clothes- I have bins of clothes that are just out of sight because I am not yet ready to part with them but slowly, I am selling and culling those items. Which brings me to the point of this post.

The concept from Courtney’s blog that I really wanted to share with you today was her Five in Ten exercise.  She suggests getting a head start on decluttering by going into your closet and grabbing 5 things that don’t fit, don’t get worn, still have tags on, or are not in great shape. Bag them up and donate them, NOW.  It should take less than 10 minutes!  I went into my closet last week and went through the bins of clothes I’m not wearing at the moment (out of season items or those that just didn’t make the cut of my current 33).  Instead of just 5 items, I was able to triple that number of clothes to get rid of in the 10 minutes allotted!  I had a pile of at least 15 things that were looking ratty or don’t get worn as much as they should.

I’m looking forward to taking this challenge to other parts of our house. The drawers beneath our washer and dryer that are brimming full of hats, mittens, and snow gear?  Yeah, I’m coming for you next!

If you like to read about simplifying (or are wanting to simplify) head over to Courtney’s blog– it’s full of great inspiration for decluttering!  If you are interested in a capsule wardrobe, she offers a class on the subject- click here for information! (If you do take the class, I do get a percentage of the sale- thank you for supporting me on the blog!)

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Trend I’m Loving: Black Trim

There is nothing more classic than black and white, am I right?  An interior design trend I have been seeing and thouroughly enjoying lately is black trim on primarily white interiors and exteriors.  The contrast creates such a rich look and it’s very swoon-worthy.  I even love the idea of painting a front door black- maybe we will revisit this thought when we repaint our house!  Interior design, modern farmhouse, black trimInterior design, modern farmhouse, black trim

How do you feel about the black trim?  It’s very modern, so I’m sure it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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The Highly Sensitive Person: Learning to Embrace the Trait

highly sensitive person, HSP

I have always wondered why I take things so personally. Sometimes it is as extreme as when I’m driving on the highway and a car comes whipping around me, I get my feelings hurt that they cut me off. I realize that may seem a bit crazy- for goodness sakes, I don’t even know the person, their situation, or anything! They could be rushing to the hospital, in labor, for all I know. But I am incredibly sensitive. Throughout the years, I have constantly heard, “Quit being so sensitive!” This statement only made the burden of my all encompassing conscientiousness worse- then, the thoughts would always come “What is wrong with me?! Why can’t I change?”

So when I recently came across Shannon Abel’s podcast on the Highly Sensitive Person, I had a complete light bulb moment. Everything just clicked in to place! I hurried over to Dr. Elaine Aron’s website to take the self test- scores of 14 and above can be considered a Highly Sensitive Person. Guess what my score was? A 26!!! While this trait has always seemed like such a negative one, in Shannon’s podcast she outlines many good features that go along with it. I love that I can embrace my creativeness, comfort in my own head, and detail oriented-ness. She also went in to some needs in order to thrive as a HSP. Some things I do, some I don’t- and I’m realizing that especially now as a mom, it is necessary for me to fill all of these needs so I can better fill my roles- so I have some homework to do! I’m also adding Dr. Elaine Aron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Person, to my summer reading list.

I jotted down some notes during the podcast to share here on the blog- maybe it will explain a few things about myself to those of you that know me personally!

highly sensitive person

Highly Sensitive Person:

-usually introverted
-detail oriented
-tend to be people pleasers and perfectionists
-highly consciencious
-do “fun” differently (intimate purpose driven affairs, not busy happy hour type events)
-good at tasks like editing (notice small details)
-focus and concentrate deeply
-active imagination
-dislike idle chitchat, prefers deep meaningful conversations
-usually morning people
-enjoy time at home to decompress
-hears “Stop being so sensitive” often
-self reflect often and more regulary (journalling, blogging) but that also brings “You’re overanalyzing”
-can put up a wall due to being hurt in the past
-can seem arragant or cold due to not openly sharing
-find tranquility in nature, especially around water
-forsee trends in markets and needs due to intuition
-observant and very understanding making them good with kids and animals
-more susceptible to pain; bruises easily
-has artistic side

Needs in order to thrive:
-balance (between work, family, life)
-daily alone time
-clear communication
-time in nature
-embrace “lonliness”
-gain confidence by trying things slowly
-simplify, as less stuff creates less stimulation

1 in 5 Americans are highly sensitive, which means you are bound to rub shoulders with one or two on a daily basis. Are you HSP? Is someone in your family?

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