Weekend Gems

This weekend was full of privileges! Yesterday was a very special day and I was thankful for the reminder to “live for others everyday” and to “let all things be done in charity”.



Saturday, I got above the nasty inversion here in the Valley by going cross country skiing with my in-laws while the hubby worked.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with an inversion, it is a layer of smog that holds the cold air (and pollution) down and can last for weeks; they are pretty common every January.  To me, an inversion actually is The Great Depression. I don’t function well when I can’t see the sun!  But above the smog layer, there is sunshine and warmth, so I decided I needed to get up to Bogus Basin for some skiing and sun therapy.  It was amazing!  Even though I am not the most graceful skier and fell a couple thousand times.










Sunday evening, we went out to dinner at one of my favorite Thai food restaurants in Boise, called Pad Thai House.  The coconut soup was divine!

Pad Thai House

1473 South Five Mile Road, Boise, ID 83709


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Portland Hotel Review: The Nines


hotel review the nines

The Nines

525 SW Morrison

Portland, Oregon 97204

877. 229.9995

The husband completely planned our anniversary weekend getaway, and let me just say- I was super impressed!  The hotel we stayed at, The Nines was beautiful.  It was hip, contemporary and comfortable.  In other words, perfect!

The hotel is located inside the Meier and Frank building next to Pioneer Square downtown, which means it is close to some amazing shopping and many restaurant options.  The hotel even has two restaurant options on the 8th and 15th floors, which both are great (restaurant reviews will be on Trois Chic this Friday!)

Not only did I wake up feeling like I was on a cloud, but I also fell in love with the decorations.  Modern mixed with classic has always been a goal of mine for our house, so naturally I loved Louis XVI chairs paired with a modern chandelier, and the marble in the bathroom mixed with a stainless steel sink and sleek fixtures.

I would highly suggest staying at The Nines- if not for the comfort, then for the impeccable customer service or the design inspiration!


Where is your favorite hotel?

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Weekend Getaway to Portland

This evening, Chase and I are jumping on a plane headed to Portland! Our three year anniversary is on Wednesday, so we are celebrating a bit early. I am very excited for our little escape from the chaos of school and our remodel. It is an extremely short trip, so we are sharing a carry-on bag, which makes for very interesting packing on my part!  If you have been following along on the blog for a while, you know how important the planning of a trip is to me.  (See previous packing lists for Camping and Florida)  Well this trip was no different!  Here is what is in my bag:

-(1) pair of skinny black jeans

– trench coat

-(1) versatile scarf

-(2) blouses that can be dressed up or down

-(1) cardigan for layering

-(1) pair of boots for walking around in the day

-(1) pair of heels for evening

-toiletries, socks, under things….

-crossbody purse with essentials and of course, my camera!



What do you pack for a weekend in the city?

Have a great weekend!

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