Christmas Eve Eve Eve

Tonight we did a little Christmas Eve-ing since I work the actual Christmas Eve day; we looked at Christmas lights, opened up one preview gift each and got our new Christmas jammies.  All enjoyed the festivities except for the star of the show, Lou.  I was so excited to start the traditions with her but bedtime called and honestly, it’s not worth keeping a sleepy baby awake, is it?! 

The one gift each that Chase and I opened were from my parents and honestly, I’m feeling a little emotional of how perfect the gift they sent for me was!  (Mom and Dad, if you’re reading, THANKS AGAIN!) Most of you who read the blog know how much of a Fixer Upper fan I am and I really do believe Joanna Gaines has got to be one of the coolest ladies around.  Serious role model.  So… the gift I opened was The Magnolia Story, written by none other than Chip and Joanna Gaines themselves.  I immediately started reading, as we were sitting in the dimly lit living room by the fire with a yummy bev.  What better environment to read a book?  It didn’t take long for me to start giggling at the words on the pages- I’m so excited to get to read more!  I’m thinking a book review may be in order? 

The Magnolia story, Christmas traditions

Book available here

What kind of traditions do you enjoy this time of year?  

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