Creating a Capsule Wardrobe, part 1: Define Your Style

Creating a capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe, defining your style, minimalist wardrobeCreating a capsule wardrobe is about simplifying not only your closet but also your morning routine.  No more stressed out “I-have-nothing-to-wear” moments when getting ready- wouldn’t that nice?!  I am putting together a mini series here on the blog of the steps I followed in creating my recent capsule.

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of culling the closet, it’s necessary to know what your style is.  Starting a closet clearout or shopping trip to add to your wardrobe without knowing your style and the looks you enjoy is going to result in a wardrobe with lots holes!  

I always gravitate towards Pinterest when I need inspiration, but I also love looking at catalogs and ripping out the actual pages of outfits I love.  I keep an inspiration journal with all my clippings tucked away.  My favorite catalogs to clip outfit ideas from are Anthropologie, J.Crew, Garnet Hill, and Boden.     Sometimes I even just google “the store name + outfits”, like “Anthropologie outfits” and the results are endless!

For my style, I have come to realize I am quite the girly-girl.  I love frills and dresses and skirts and pale colors and sequins.  But I also love adding elements to balance such a look, like oxford flats, chunky knits, or a leather jacket.  So my usual look is a mix of feminine with a classic “bookish” element, like a crisp button down or pencil skirt.  And I love textural elements in an outfit!

Once you gather inspiration and get ideas of your favorite outfits, make a list of what items make the majority of those outfits- is it boyfriend jeans? A pencil skirt? A fit and flare dress?  Consider what you have and what you will need to add to make these outfits.

Here are some photos that embody my style, all from my “To Wear” Pinterest board:  

Step 2, The Closet Clear Out

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