Disney’s Boardwalk

Before I post all the cruise pictures, I realized I still need to post about our few days in Orlando before leaving for the Bahamas! After the wedding, we had some time to relax and walk around Disney’s Boardwalk. It was a really neat area that doesn’t require a park fee to check it out- so in other words, it’s like getting the feel of the parks for free! (Hard core Disney fans may not agree with me on that.) We walked through some of the hotels, as they are quite a site to see, and ate dinner at Big River Grille & Brewing Works- The beer cheese soup was great! Then, we of course had to get dessert at Beaches & Cream soda shop. We tried to catch the fireworks while we ate our ice cream cones but the breezy weather mixed with our frozen treat didn’t work so well- never thought I would be cold in Florida!


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  1. Ahhhhh Lana….Just got caught up on your blog and I am envious of your “care free” life. You have packed more fun stuff in the last 2 years than I feel like we’ve done in 10 years. Would love to get in some hiking with you two this summer.

    1. Aunt Renee- we do try to keep active around here, as there is so much fun stuff to do!!! We would love to go hiking with you guys this summer! Let’s plan on it 🙂

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