Duck Valley Fishing Trip

This weekend we took a quick trip to the Duck Valley Reservation to do some trout fishing.  It’s always an adventure there, as you never know what type of weather you will get!  It’s a safe bet to assume you will get at least one torrential downpour at some point in time during the trip, even if it is for just a short moment.  And the WIND!  Oh my goodness.  But the fishing is real good, and that is why we go!  When the wind was too much for me to handle, I curled up in the back of the Jeep on our bed with a book- it was so relaxing.  Take me back, please!

IMG_9610 IMG_9616 IMG_9621 IMG_9636 IMG_9645 IMG_9651 IMG_9656 IMG_9662 IMG_9667


Where is your favorite spot for an adventure?



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