Fall Style Inspiration

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Although Summer is my favorite season for activities, Autumn/Winter is my favorite season for style. The layers, boots, and rich colors and textures bring a smile to my face! This year, in an effort to cut down on buying new (or even used) items, I found a load of inspiration on Pinterest that corresponds with items I already have in my closet.  I do want to add a select few items but I’m over the idea of buying seasonal wardrobes.  Not only will it save me money, but who has time to shop when you’re chasing a toddler around?!

Fall Inspiration:

Burgundy. (top left)

I have a burgundy-ish midi dress from Ace and Jig that is not quite a drop waist but close, so I was excited to see this photo of a similar dress paired with black heels and a pop of mustard.

Mules. (top center)

This is the one splurge that is a new addition to my closet for the season. I’ve been wanting a pair of mules for close to a year now, and I recently purchased a pair from ABLE because it’s a brand I really believe in. They’re focus is on empowering women and ending the cycle of charity dependence in both local and global economies. They are headquartered in Nashville but also work with women in communities they wish to impact (for example, my mules were made in Nepal).  I will do a product review of my shoes soon!

Navy Midi Dress. (top right)

I love the look of a navy midi with a black coat, so I’m excited to try pairing my dress with a black blazer or sweater. The black shoes tie the look together and is very classy!

Navy Midi Skirt with Black Top. (middle left)

Once again with the navy and black! I liked the idea of wearing my navy midi dress with a black top over it to make it look like a skirt and shirt combo.

Cropped Sweater. (center)

This is one thing I don’t yet have in my closet but I don’t need it until it gets quite a bit cooler so I’m taking my time with looking. I wear so many high-waisted bottoms that I’d really like a shorter sweater to balance the proportions. I can also see one paired over all of my dresses!

Pink Dress. (bottom left)

I just traded a dress in my closet for a blush pink Ace and Jig midi dress and I’m so excited to wear it with a leather jacket, my army green jacket, or a cozy cardigan.

Floral Dress. (bottom center)

I have a black floral dress that will look great layered with a leather jacket or cardigan. I like how this image has the brown knee high boots paired with the floral dress!

Rust Sweater. (bottom right)

I have a long cardigan in a rust color so was looking for ideas to pair it- I love the black and white stripes with the rust color, so I’m excited to recreate this look. I also think the rust cardigan will go great with my blush pink dress, navy midi dress, and burgundy dress that I’ve mentioned in this post!

Well, in looking at my inspiration, it’s obvious I choose dresses 99% of the time when I get dressed!  I love how simple it is to get dressed when throwing on a dress, and I’m always a fan of feeling feminine and modest.  No wonder my mini-me would rather playing in the dirt in a dress than wear her play clothes!

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