Fasting Day Essentials

Fasting days sound really crazy, I get that.  But when prepared, they can be a great reset (see my original post on intermittent fasting here)- and with the right essentials, 500 calorie days don’t have to be as painful!  Here are my 6 “must haves” when planning for a fasting day:

Fasting Day Essentials

kate spade water bottle //wild sweet orange tea //pop-up vegetable steamer//

                      blender // substantial salad cookbook // mug

1. Mug: To take my mind off of hunger, I drink a lot of hot water and tea.  There is something so comforting about sipping on a hot drink and it feels like such a splurge.

2. Tea: As I mentioned with the mug, I drink a lot of tea to curb hunger.  My favorite tea so far is mint tea, and the wild sweet orange tea shown below (thank you, Katie, for getting me hooked on that one!)

3. Blender: Normally on a fasting day I have one meal that is a blended drink.  I limit the fruits and use a vegetable base (kale and/or spinach).  I sometimes add a scoop of protein powder (my favorite is Usana Nutrimeal).

4. Substantial Salad Cookbook:  Although it is on my wishlist, I can’t say I have used this cookbook!  I think it looks wonderful.  But what I was getting at was that I usually have a salad for one meal.  Salads are extremely filling- but beware of all the toppings!  Instead of any store bought dressing, I usually drizzle on balsamic vinegar.

5. Vegetable Steamer:  This is pretty self explanatory!  I am pretty decent about eating raw vegetables, but I have found that when they are steamed, it feels more like a “meal” and less like just a snack.

6. Water Bottle: I drink SO MUCH WATER on fasting days.  As I have already mentioned, I drink it hot but also I try to fill my water bottle at least 2 times throughout the day.  Gotta flush those toxins!



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