Finished Guest Bathroom


before and after

Things we changed:


-Cabinet color


-Tile Backsplash

-Framed the mirror

1. Paint

I chose Behr Aqua Breeze, which can be found here.

IMG_6234 IMG_6235  IMG_6239

2. Cabinets

We used the cabinet transformation kit from Home Depot in pure white, but can also be found here in the java color.  The process worked well for a small space, but we decided not to do the kit for the kitchen as it was a little pricey.

IMG_6273 IMG_6274     IMG_6290

3. Countertops

I will have a tutorial tomorrow on how we updated our countertops! (It was SO simple.)

4. Tile Backspash

IMG_6304 IMG_6400


FINISHED RESULTS:vscocam-photo-4-2




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  1. oooooooh – I love all the updates, Lana! That kitchen flooring is so awesome – When I ran my hand across it at HD I expected to get a sliver as it looks so authentic. Super happy that your home is getting such nice updates. And congrats on your graduation, too!

    1. Thank you Melody! I agree, the hard wood tiles look so real! I am happy our home is getting updated too 😉 and thank you, I’m happy to be finished with classes!

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