Fireplace Update

It’s almost February and I am just now realizing I never posted any sort of New Year’s Resolutions.

Well, this is the year of projects around our house. You know how when you first buy a home and have all these ideas of what to update and improve?  Then life sets in. You get all the fun bills that come along with home ownership, so those little improvements start to look more like luxuries.  You learn to just put up with the incredibly ugly tan tiles that the builder slapped on the wall so they could call it a ‘fireplace’.  And that backsplash in the guest bath that seriously looks like a second grader did it?  Oh yeah, that stays.

We have decided the year 2014 is about to change that.  Every month, we have a project to do.  So far, our list includes a water softener, a new sink and faucet for the kitchen, and new tile backslashes for the bathrooms.

And guess what?!

We even have gotten two projects crossed off our list- and it’s only January! Woo-hoo!  Here is one of our projects- we put air stone on the fireplace in place of the tan tiles that probably were just left over from the kitchen backsplash.  (The picture makes the tiles look almost pink, but they really were tan.)


(I promise I have since removed the Christmas decor from the mantle- like I said, I’m a little behind this year!)

This was a fairly simple project- Chase said the hardest part was removing the tile that was already in place.  The cost was  under $200, which I feel is quite reasonable for how much it changes the look in our living room!

The second project we finished was our entry way- I will post it here soon!

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