Fun in the Sun- Arizona for Brad’s Graduation

Yes, I am just now posting about my Memorial Day trip, sorry!

My brother in law graduated with his Associates in Nursing this past May (CONGRATULATIONS BRAD!), so I made a trip down for the graduation and to spend some time with the family!  It was so fun to meet baby Miles and see AJ again (and see the rest of the family, of course!)  I am always amazed and shocked with how much the littles change each time I see them!

I should have made a list of AJ-ism’s, but my favorite was this:

As we were walking into the graduation, there was a lady that walked past us who had tattoos on her chest and arms.  AJ turned to Candace and said, “Look Mom! A clown!”

He has definitely started to embarrass his momma- I love it!  (I’m such a mean sister, eh?!)

While I was in Arizona, we made a trip down to Yuma, to see my grandparents.  My grandma had broken her hip a few weeks before, so she had been staying at a rehab facility- we helped settle her back into their place, and she seemed to be healing well!  And Grandpa and AJ had great fun feeding and watching the birds in the backyard.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Glad you posted even if they are late. Your grandparents do look good. Hope your grandma has recovered good. I’d love to go down and see Brad, Candace and the kids. Too hot right now though.
    Keep posting…Love it!!,

    1. Thanks, Renee!! Yes, grandma and grandpa seem to be doing quite well for their age! I’m sure Brad and Candace would love for you to come visit, but I do agree that it is too hot now! February or March is my favorite time to get out of here and go somewhere warm! 🙂

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