Gallery Wall Inspiration

Gallery walls have always been a part of my decorating vision for as long as I remember.  Even when I first started doing the decorating in my room (middle school era) I went out and found the most inexpensive black frames I could find and framed collages I had made and photos I had taken.  What I love the most about gallery walls is obviously the “gallery” feel like your in an art studio or a museum, but also the effect of how all the little pieces add to the whole wall view.  And the neat thing about gallery walls is that there is so many different takes- you could hang not only pictures, but plates, mirrors, or a mix of everything!

Black and White Photo Gallery:

All Gold Frames Gallery:

Matted Paintings Gallery:item3.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.great-gallery-walls-roundup-04

Shelved Gallery:

All Photos via Architectural Digest

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What do you think of gallery walls?

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