Gift Guide for an Infant

Don’t get me wrong, I love buying things for our daughter and it thrills my heart to see her happily playing with the toys or looking at books we have provided for her.  But actual gifts for an infant seems a bit pointless.  I mean seriously, the most exciting part for Lucy will be the wrapping paper!  So why make a big fuss over gifts?  WELL, it’s because it will be Lucy’s first Christmas and there’s no way she won’t be getting some packages from “Santa”.

To combat the mass materialistic movement that happens at this time ever year, Chase and I decided to set some ground rules for our family as we grow and make new traditions.  My boss at Anthro told me the gifting theory they follow and it really resonated with me so we’re decided to run with it!  It’s the “Wear, Need, Want, Read” gift idea- what this means is *technically* you only give four gifts.  One that the receiver will wear, one they needed, one they wanted, and something they can read.   There’s no way I could narrow down Lucy’s gifts to four things (and how am I supposed to know what she wants?!) but we did stick to the categories.  She will be getting a few books, some new toys, and some clothing articles.  New Christmas pjs were a must!  And yes, she really does need some more shoes- she wears the same boots over and over!

I’m pretty picky when it comes to baby toys- they all are so obnoxious looking and plasticky.  Blah!  I love the wood baby toys that are becoming more easy to find- some of them pictured below are even from Toys-R-Us, which is super surprising to me!  In my mind, that store is the master of the obnoxious looking toy!  And of course, I had to share some of my Anthropologie baby finds- but in all seriousness, Anthro does have some amazing kids books.  Each item is shoppable through the links listed below!  **These are affiliate links and I will make a small commission if an item is purchased through the link.  Thank you for your support of the blog!
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tutu book // animal poster book // feelings book

walker // shape sorter // wood block // wooden stacking bunny

baby gap dress // baby gap body suit // baby gap moccasins // carters sleeper // carters sleeper 

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