Gone to the Dogs

On Wednesdays I usually post about my journey with intermittent fasting or healthy recipes and tips, but today that just isn’t realistic.  We are celebrating a co-workers birthday at work with the 30th Anniversary cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory and I have a lunch date with Chase since he is working nights so we are like ships passing in the night these days.  I am allowing myself a cheat day this week!


So today I am going to formally introduce Max to the blog.  He is our “middle aged” golden retriever- we aren’t too sure how old he is, as he was a rescue dog.  Max was a stud dog at a breeder in Maricopa, Arizona and wasn’t treated very well.  He ran away from home and was found with fur all matted and with a harness that was many sizes too small by Chase’s cousin, Andrea, who lived nearby.  She called the breeder and they said to just keep him (can you imagine?!)  Andrea had just had a baby girl and realized it was a lot to take on both a big, new dog and a little tot!  So, we got a call and were asked how we felt about a golden.  Since we had driven down to Arizona to visit family, we picked him up on our way home and have been happy golden parents ever since!
This morning, the poor ol’ dog woke up with quite a limp.  I still don’t know what is wrong, but he played with his friend Abby for many hours last night so maybe he just wore it out (and they did end up in the mud somehow so maybe that has something to do with it?)  We soaked his paw in warm soapy water and are giving him lots of lovings! So since we are on the topics of the four legged family members, I figured I would put together a little list of essentials that we have around our place to have a happy and styling pup.

 Dog Essentials


Our Dog Essentials:
1. and 2.  A matching collar and leash- no, this isn’t a necessity but it makes walking/running with the dog a little more stylish.  Think of it as the pup’s outfit!  The sets shown are 1. Brooks Brothers Signature Tartan Collection Collar and Leash, and 2. Graphic Image Inc. Personalized Collection Collar and Leash.

3.  Toys!  Of course.  If you follow me on Insta, I posted a picture a few weeks ago of Max in the backyard laying around with all his toys- he has SO MANY!  But I like that he has something to keep him preoccupied when when are away.   Shown are the Squeak and Chic Dog Chew Toy by Henri Bendel,  Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Bone, and the Mini Hol-ee Chew Ball.

4.  Dog dish set- obviously they have to eat, so why not find a little matching food and water set?  I loved this Henri Bendel Dog Bone Bowl.
5.  Fluffy dog bed- we have tile floors throughout most of our house now since our renovation so the poor pup doesn’t have a lot of comfy places to lay.  A soft bed is a must!  The bed shown is the Henri Bendel Sleeping in Stripes Dog Bed.  (Can you tell I really love the Henri Bendel Dog accessories?)

So now I have officially made it clear I am that crazy dog lady!  I hope you enjoyed meeting Max today.



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  1. I love MAX!!! Also, I always keep a large carton of epsom salt in the pantry so when Bink gets sore feet, sheet grass, prickers, goat heads, etc I fill a big bowl with warm water and lots of epsom salt to soak his feet in. He loves it, and it soothes his tired paws 🙂

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