Greenhouse Shenanigans

Sometimes, at the end of winter, I like to go to my favorite greenhouses just purely for therapeutic effects.  But this trip yesterday was actually for work purposes- how cool is that?!

When shopping for greens, I go to my two favorite local shops.  One being Edwards Greenhouse, where we went yesterday, and the other being 36th Street Garden Center.  The jungle-like atmosphere is good for the soul, not to mention the hair and skin!  I also greatly appreciate the merchandising of both shops- everything is just so pretty and placed thoughtfully!  The experience of purchasing is half as fun as planting and enjoying the foliage later on.

While perusing Edwards, we captured some great Instagram moments.  Keep watching the store account for them here!

And how fitting is it that I would be wearing the newest addition to my wardrobe, the green camo moto jacket by Marrakech to the greenhouse?!  Shop the jacket here.

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edwards greenhouse, boise greenhouse


edwards greenhouse, boise greenhouse

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