Hiking in Idaho: Granite Mountain Lookout

Idaho has some seriously awesome hiking.  We have been on quite a few hikes around the McCall area, and all are quite beautiful- but this hike made it to the top of the list for me!

The distance didn’t sound scary at all (3 miles one way)- but I didn’t take the elevation gain in consideration!  We started at an elevation of 6,753 ft and climbed to height of 8,474- so in other words, we just climbed the side of a mountain!  No big deal.  But the views from that height were amazing.  We saw New Meadows and McCall from the top, as well as a beautiful view of Goose Lake and peaks of mountains all around us.

And, the Lookout Tower is actually in use today- pretty cool that something so old fashioned is still so purposeful!  There was a man stationed up there that said last week he saw eleven fires start.  Wow.  Good thing for those who are keeping an eye out!




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  1. Awesome pictures! You are inspiring me to go hiking! We may not have mountains over here, but we so have a few decent trails! 😉 thanks for sharing!

      1. You guys should visit! You would love the west coast of Michigan. The further north you go, the more beautiful it gets. It’s super peaceful too, and usually, there is an ice cream store not too far away. 😉

  2. I would love to do this hike and live to tell about it (no heart attack). You’ll have to show Ned on the Topo map where it is. Fun catching up with your blog since the birthday party!

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