Hospital Bag

hospital bag, preparing for baby

hospital bag, preparing for baby

The internet and Pinterest are teeming with posts on what to pack along for labor and delivery.  And I feel like I have done more research on it than anything else this pregnancy!  Even though I’m sure that isn’t the case.  What I have gathered is that there are “the essentials” and then there’s “what to pack for baby”, and of course “what to pack for your support person”.  Oh my.  Since I didn’t want to look like I was moving into the hospital for a month, I shied away from all those lists and just went with what seemed right for us.  I made Chase pack his own bag (sorry, honey), and then I focused on baby and me.  One bag for me, and the diaper bag for little miss!

hospital bag, preparing for baby

My Bag: (a Kestrel duffel similar to this)
+ comfy pajamas and a robe- I made sure to pack a pajama top like this with buttons down the front; classy and functional for breastfeeding.
+ baby book to document all the precious firsts; I love this one by the brand Lucy Darling!  The one I bought is actually the boy version because they make one with pink at Land of Nod, but the inside is all the same.  Oops!
+ a bag of toiletries (face wash, hair ties, dry shampoo, toothpaste and brush, hair brush, etc.)

hospital bag, preparing for baby
+ a bag of sample sized lotions- you better believe I’m going to ask Chase to rub my huge, swollen feet during labor so I have lots of sample sized Aveda creams and lotions, and some of their Stress-Fix line packed.  Since I have never gone through labor I am willing to try anything to make it a little less stressful!  I even have their Balancing Blue Oil in the bag- we’ll see if I get to the point where I reach for it.  My sister gave me this cute Burt’s Bees travel kit that I have packed with more lotions and lip balm and that sort of thing.   I also packed Evian face spray because it is incredibly refreshing to use any other time, so why not in the hospital?
+ cozy socks since hospitals can be cold- and my Minnetonka slippers for walking the halls with baby
+ a comfy and stretchy going home outfit- a knit skirt, a long cardigan, and a nursing tank (all links are similar styles to what I have packed)
+ outfit for at the hospital (never know how long the stay will be!)- sweat pants, sweatshirt, nursing tank (all links are similar styles to what I have packed)
+ undergarments
+ nursing pads

hospital bag, preparing for baby, life in play, totesavvy

Baby’s Bag: (a Louis Vuitton Neverfull with a Life in Play ToteSavvy insert)
+ going home outfits (I have a few packed since I can’t decide which one she will wear!) My mom got me this sweet set that I have packed, but I had to bring this dress too.
+ 2 swaddle blankets (they are too pretty to not bring multiples)
+ diapers
+ wipes
+ pacifier and clip (I realize she probably won’t need this until later but it’s packed in the diaper bag for when that day comes)
+ burp cloth
+ changing mat
+ nursing cover

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Am I missing anything?  Please let me know asap so I can throw it on in!


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