House Update: New Floors

We have a lot more than just the new floors in but I feel like I should post about one thing at a time!

We originally had a dark tan carpet in our living, dining room, and bedrooms and light hardwood in the entry and kitchen. Now, we have porcelain tile that looks like gray hardwood throughout the house except the bedrooms, where we put gray carpet. It probably sounds like a lot of gray but I love it!!

I am amazed how new flooring makes the whole house feel new.


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  1. Love this!! How did the tile compare to hardwood floors in price? We put in grey carpet as well and love it… Have painted a few rooms grey too, but I love it as a neutral. 😉 Keep the tutorials coming!

    1. Thank you, Amanda! The tile was $3.89/sq ft and the real hard wood is anywhere between $1-$3 more per sq ft- which may not seem like much more but it adds up! We decided it was worth saving a little bit and I think the tile will hold up better for us since we have a dog! 🙂 I completely agree with you- I love grey as a neutral!

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