The Important Things in Life

Why is change so hard for us to accept while everything around us is doing so?  Here at the Nest we are facing some changes that are exciting yet a little scary, too, and I want to keep you up to date!

Back when I started part time at Anthropologie as a sales associate, I fell in love with the atmosphere of the store and the company I was working for.  URBN treats their employees extremely well, with lots of perks and surprisingly well compensation for the retail world.  As I moved up the ladder into management (manager in training, then operations supervisor, then apparel department supervisor, and finally apparel department manager), I enjoyed learning about the business processes, maintaining the entrepreneurial “shopkeeper mentality” while managing the sales floor, and mentoring the sales associates to grow in their roles.  And not to mention my Instagram role!  Directing photo shoots became a passion of mine and I absolutely loved growing in my photography.

Going back to work full time after my maternity leave was easy at first.  I loved seeing my favorite customers and getting to know new ones.  I enjoyed the girl time I got with my coworkers.  And let’s be real, I loved the beautiful clothes!  But the more Lucy grew, the harder it was to leave.  And as much as I love customer-centric roles, they can also be quite draining for an introvert like myself.  Especially when there’s a little one at home who needs lots of attention during the “time off”!  Retail hours are hard, too- at first it was perfect to juggle Lucy’s schedule but we never got time as a whole family together. It finally hit me that I was choosing a paycheck over time with my daughter and husband.  While money is necessary, it’s not Chase or my goal in life to be wealthy- there are much more important things.  Like reading, praying.  Like spending time with children.  Putting your daughter’s hair in a ponytail for the first time.  Savoring your cup of coffee in the morning.  That sort of thing.

Which brings me to now- I am very excited to announce that I will be starting a part time position with the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau as a Digital Convention Sales Coordinator.  I’m going to get to design marketing packages and take photos of the best place ever, Boise!   I really enjoy the atmosphere of the office and the team I will be working with is so extremely nice.  Can you say dream job?!

So while change is daunting, it is necessary and good.  This decision has given me so much peace lately that I just know it’s what is right.  I’m hoping this opportunity will only help me grow in my career as well as being a mother!



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  1. Lana….So happy for you!!! You will never regret a decision that gives you more time with your little family!!!

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