Lazy Day Fishing

Today was spent up at Lucky Peak Reservoir fishing for trout and Kokanee salmon.  It was a gorgeous day!  A bit windy at times, but for the most part just perfect to be on the water.  We (and by “we” I actually mean Chase and Craig) caught three Kokanee, so fresh salmon was served for dinner- yum! IMG_9405   Honestly, I was somewhat happy that it was windy because I was excited to get to wear my new red Marmot windbreaker! IMG_9406 Chase and Craig have built a handy system on the boat with downriggers.  It makes fishing extremely low key and relaxing (not that other types of fishing aren’t relaxing…) IMG_9407 Can you tell we are Cabela’s fans?   The catch of the day: Hope you had a good Monday! XO, L

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